Boot cartridge on 60Hz...

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By sdsnatcher73

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15-12-2018, 20:43

Eugeny_Brychkov wrote:

Thank you very much. I rebuilt all three ROMs, and uploaded onto the server.
I will build this option into the GR8NET's boot menu.

Hi Eugeny, for your info. In Carnivore2 you can set a default frequency from it’s boot menu. With MFR it is implemented as a switch by pressing F5 during start up. So on a 50Hz system it will switch to 60Hz. On a 60Hz system it will switch to 50Hz.

For GR8NET it would be great (in my opinion) if we could set the preferred video frequency by a setting from basic. _NETSETVDPFREQ or something alike. 0 could be leave it unchanged, 1 force 50Hz and 2 force 60Hz.

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