CHKDSK for Nextor

By Louthrax

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05-03-2019, 19:35

One thing that really seems missing to me in Nextor right now is a CHKDSK-like utility. There's no use for that when you have an SD-Card (you can always check it under Windows / Linux / etc...), but when you have a real IDE drive connected using a Sunrise interface, that's harder to do... You basically have no easy way to check that things are not corrupted on your partitions...

So I've found free sources of a CHKDSK utility, the one from the Freedos OS:

So we have C compilers for MSX, maybe by just plugging the right sector-reading/writing functions from Nextor into these sources we could have something working ? (assuming everything fits into 64KB RAM memory).

Anyway, just throwing an idea here. I'm interested by that tool, and even by starting coding it, but I'm really not sure to have time for that...

Maybe other interesting tools from Freedos could be ported to MSX (undelete ?) ?

Let me know if you have suggestions on the feasability of the thing, or if you have interest in that.

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By Manuel

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05-03-2019, 23:23

Doesn't the normal CHKDSK just work in Nextor?

By gdx

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06-03-2019, 00:26

MSX version of CHKDSK works for FAT12 only.

By DarkSchneider

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06-03-2019, 08:34

You can use your PC "CHKDSK" (depending OS) on your SD/CF card, much faster. So this could be interesting for pure MSX HDD only.