Contra sample cartridges - do they exist?

By prototector

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21-01-2018, 16:43

I was wondering if anyone has or saw "sample" copies of Konami's Contra.

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By TheKid

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22-01-2018, 08:07

Well, I never saw it. Then again, I don't know if a list of konami promo versions excist. AFAIK there are promo versions of:
Metal Gear 2,Pennant race 2,Quarth, Gradius 2, F1 spirit 3D.

By Mathieu

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22-06-2018, 17:48

Hi everybody ! How are you ?

I am interested in msx samples. Do you know what are the rarest samples, where do we find them and have you pictures of samples ?
Talk about this with you would be a pleasure for me Smile

Thank you very much Smile

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