By alexito

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06-08-2019, 03:40

Just discovered from the grave this game is so cute. if you like platform games like PITFALL them you'll need to check out this link below before it is gone forever.

PS: this game is made in just pure MSX BASIC incredible! :RNFF:

More MSX BASIC games at:


In that site you can find a SPRITES SET (.PNG) the google translator say:"1000 dot pictures that stimulate your imagination"

Direct link:

I think this site promote users to make games and you can use that set so the starting is more easy. I think that idea is very cool.

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By Grauw

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06-08-2019, 22:44

Nice! At first sight it seems heavily inspired by Athletic Land, but it quickly turns much more eventful.

By jltursan

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07-08-2019, 18:42

Way cool,, thanks!, not only Hermaphroditus is a great game, it has a better gameplay than Athletic Land (has anyone found the hidden extra life? Smile ), the other BASIC games are nice too and the sprites sheet is really useful!. Who is the author, 164kobo?

By wyrdwad

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13-08-2019, 17:27

Nobody asked for this, but it's a pet peeve of mine when a game CAN support controller input, but doesn't... so I went into the .bas file and added controller support. It still uses up for jump (it would require a bit more effort to rewrite it to use trigger 1 for jumping, since it's currently written to use lists of ON STICK triggers for everything), but even so, it feels a lot more natural to use a D-pad to play a game like this than to use arrow keys -- at least, to me!

Here's a link to the DSK file containing the updated .bas. The original game is still on the disk as HERMA.BAS, but my updated version can be found alongside it as HERM-CON.BAS.



By alexito

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13-08-2019, 20:38

Thanks, Tom. I give a try today for sure.

By alexito

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14-08-2019, 02:51

I have added Joypad1 Controller with Fire Button ONLY support for users like me. Because I don't want to kill the keyboard.

Here is the LINK.

This little gem deserve a MSX 2 or maybe V9990 version with BGM and ADPCM Support because is so cute....... ;)