Daisenryaku II Customer Kit?

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By gdx

Prophet (3557)

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16-07-2020, 20:33


I never tried.

Edit: I added another dsk

By TheKid

Paladin (935)

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16-07-2020, 13:33

Thanks, super. Will give it a go during my holliday Smile

By Randam

Paladin (960)

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16-07-2020, 17:59

Thanks TheKid, there was a typo in the filename. It is fixed now. In case people are interested Daisenryaku 1 and Super Daisenryaku levels are also up. Daisenryaku levels are translated and up, Daisenryaku retranslation is almost done but not yet up. Shouldn't take long...

By hamlet

Scribe (3120)

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16-07-2020, 20:49

This forum exists for two reasons:

  • Because you are a fantastic community that stays true to the system through good times and bad and helps each other.
  • We do not post links to copy-protected files.

Thanks for your cooperation. Smile

By gdx

Prophet (3557)

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17-07-2020, 02:07

Sorry, I didn't think it would bother because it's just a customer Kit sold over 30 years ago for a game not included.

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