Does anyone know what's this exactly?

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By TheKid

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12-06-2018, 08:29

@RetroTechie: Yeah, makes sense with the shipment ect. As far as the prices. I'm a konami collector myself and it is just itches when other versions of a title excist. I guess that's what a collector does. However, everyone has it's own limits as how far he/she is willing to go. WIth all the prices they are asking nowdays, I am sure I will never have all konami titles and that's fine with me. But others just want to have konami's synthesizer and are willing to pay high prices for it. IMHO there are 2 kind of collectors. The ones that just enjoy their collection and the ones that see it as some kind of investment. Personally I belong to the first group. If a game happens to be "sealed", I rip it of, since I want to look at the manual whenever I want, play the game ect. I don't mind if my games aren't "Mint" and have wear and tear marks. But hey, that's just me. And I don't care if games are way to expensive, I just don't buy them Smile

By benfrog

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19-06-2018, 19:32

Quite amusingly, I had not seen these any of these small box re-release in years, and now there are two others selling on eBay (A Vampire Killer and another Metal Gear). And the prices are even more silly now (3K€ and 1K€ right now), although I suspect one of the bid from a zero profile to be just a probe.

Anyway, I can't deny I have some (weird?) pleasure just looking at the boxes of games in my "collections", but I have limits too to what I'm willing to pay. Some things I'd give a lot for though, are the figures which were made to take the pictures for the covers of SD Snatcher, but my understanding from his twitter pictures is that they are in the personal collection of M.Kojima when he had still an office at Konami.

I don't see any of my MSX purchases as an investment though. Maybe earlier, but now not anymore, because prices are high, and I'm probably within the last generations which had a "personal" experience with MSXs in their youth - so probably the last generations willing to spend money on it too. The "nostalgic" feeling is a powerful motivation. I might be wrong but I don't believe this will have much (if any) value in 20-30 years.

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