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By Greedo73

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12-03-2018, 10:49

Hey dear people Wink

Well i am like the most people here not new to msx. I took my old Goldstar off the attic and installed the good old boy again. Together with its Philips datarecorder.
Offcourse i have zero tapes Wink, guess i recorder some radioshows over the good old Beeeeeep.
Now i know there are some programs like cas2wav etc, but i wonder, is there no windows programm which can convert bin, or cas to mp3 or wav?

I really would like some help on this point ;: Cool

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By Pencioner

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13-03-2018, 07:47

given that you have a cable for datarecorder - you can use this cable to connect it to computer and use the caslink version 3 by Alexey Podrezov - search forum there's topic for it. i used it many years back (just for curiousity, it was version 2 at that time) and it worked fine

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