Help to create SD-BIOS Card on Zemmix

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By sdsnatcher73

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06-02-2021, 21:26

that does sound a bit odd... I've stopped using the script a long time ago. I basically do it manually because I also want to create multiple partitions. This is my process:

  1. create a single partition using diskpart op 32MB.
  2. run rmdir /s "System Volume Information"
  3. copy ocm-bios.dat with nextor kernel
  4. boot OCM with the SD (nextor kernel will be in RAM)
  5. run CALL FDISK to partition the SD
  6. Reinsert the SD into the PC and re-run rmdir /s "System Volume Information"
  7. Copy over my files (which I have in a git repo) to the different partitions, this includes an AUTOEXEC that will mount all partitions

By AxelStone

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06-02-2021, 22:13

@sdsnatcher73 I like your method, it doesn't depends on the weirds W10 updates that are broken very often. Next time I need to create a new one and I've problems with W10, I'll try your method Wink

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