How do you switch disk with sofarun / ep when space is an action key?

By AxelStone

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28-01-2022, 19:57

I'm playing now the translated version of Emerald Dragon and I'd like to save my progress using the user disk, instead of system disk. When I'm in the screen that ask me for changing disk, it's not possible since space or return are both confirmation keys, this is:

  • If using sofarunit, trying to change with number + space doesn't works.
  • If using, trying to change with Kana + Return doesn't trigger the change disk event (you can recognize it because Caps lock starts to blink) because Return confirms action in the game.

Is there any way to change disk? Thanks!

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By sdsnatcher73

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28-01-2022, 20:13

With SofaRun you have to press the number key and hold it down, then press space (without letting go of the number key).

The idea is that the number keys are read only when the disk is being accessed. The disk access will happen when you press space, the software will activate the disk ROM, the disk ROM will read the number keys and if one is pressed it will perform the change before the actual read (or write? although I am not sure this works but I would not recommend either way) is performed.

By AxelStone

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28-01-2022, 20:35

Hello, I don't know if I did something wrong but now it's working with EP. With SofaRun the game doesn't work correctly, I've seend that certain menus are not shown correctly, I don't know if due to the translation patch.