Looking for a particular game disk (Nuke, Angler, Gremlins...)

By Balrog85

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03-02-2019, 00:49

It's a long shot, but I'm looking for a copy of a disk that I used to own as a kid, which contained the first computer games I ever played. The problem is I have no idea what the disk was called, and I don't know for sure where it came from, though I have a feeling it was a free disk included with a magazine. I remember a lot of the games that it contained so I will list them in case someone else has this disk or knows anything about it, though I know my dad added a few games to the disk himself, so some of these might not have been included on the original disk:

- ADVENT (a version of Colossal Cave Adventure)
- ANGLER (a fishing game)
- CHIN (a puzzle game)
- GREMLINS ("Greedy Gremlins" - a Pac-Man clone)
- A moon landing game
- NUKE ("Nuclear Reactor" - a bit like Chucky Egg, but simpler, with the cancan as background music)
- Othello (the board game)
- Pontoon (a single player version of the card game)
- 2 different types of racing game
- SHOOT ("Shoot'Em All" I think - a Galaga-style game)
- "Smash-Out" (a Breakout clone)
- VIPER (MSX Vicious Viper)

I also remember it had a basic menu as its autoexec, which just listed the files and prompted for a filename.

I would be very grateful for any information anyone has on this disk, even more so for an actual disk image. Alternatively, if anyone has an individual copy of any of the more unique games, I would love those, particularly Nuke. I've already got a copy of Vicious Viper and other versions of the clones and the board/card games. Thanks!

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By Wlcracks

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03-02-2019, 18:18

Are your sure there MSX? Some of these get ZX Spectrum hits in Google. Maybe ports or Aackosoft budget collections. Some got hits at www.msxarchive.nl

By Balrog85

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03-02-2019, 19:35

Yeah, they're definitely MSX. I never owned a Spectrum. I've exhausted my Googling at this point; just hoping someone has a copy of the disk really.