Memory test software for MSX1?


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21-03-2019, 14:43

Does such a thing exist and in tape form?

I'm having a weird issue with my HX-10 in that I cannot for the life of me get it to load any larger games and by larger I mean those with a longer tape. The machine will read the tape to the end but the games never appear on screen. They do start off reading ok, the found "game name here" message will appear and the screen will go blank or show those funky loading bars on the side of the screen its just there is nothing at the end. Small games like hunchback for example will load but show some graphical glitches on screen in various characters so I'm thinking there is possibly a memory fault somewhere? The only method I have to load software is tape, or from the msx2cas program so I need software that can be run from this source.

Any suggestions?

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By Manuel

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21-03-2019, 19:39

You could of course also run one from a cartridge like MFR SCC+ SD... comes to mind. Disk only indeed.


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22-03-2019, 07:56

Reading the symptoms I think you might be now jumping in to wrong conclusions...

HX-10 has 64KB of RAM. The upper 32KB is tested during boot time (so if you see ~28K bytes free after BASIC start up your upper 32KB is fine) This means that at least every cassette game that is supposed to work on 32KB MSX should run fine. Testing the rest of the memory needs a little program, but now your symptoms sound to me that you are more likely having problems in the loading it self.

The very first things that I would do would be:
- Checking the azimuth angle of the head
- Checking the volume level of the cassette player
- Cleaning the cassette head with alcohol
- Checking that the rubber belt is not slipping during loading

By Wlcracks

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22-03-2019, 16:17

Play a .wav cassette file though an audio output of an (old) laptop. Check if that works.

By zPasi

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26-03-2019, 13:34

The MSX standard tape loading system detects errors very poorly.

I still remember a game cassette that managed to surprise many times. There was a hockey-game. Occasionally an extra goalkeeper appeared on the screen, and even participated the game! Most unfair Smile


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26-03-2019, 15:35

Sorry for the late reply.

I've tried loading games using the msx2cas android app and I can't get it to work despite it working before and with the exact same file.

I'll give it another go tonight and see how I get on.

By Wild_Penguin

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26-03-2019, 19:41

Depending on the device, I've noticed that some Android smartphones are on just near the limit of being loud enough for the MSX. This is something to keep in mind, try another device if possible. Also reduce baud rate to the lowest setting.


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28-03-2019, 10:53

Tried it again and no luck. One of the games I'm trying to get working is Valkyr but I'm actually starting to think its a fault with the CAS image I have. In fact every image I have will not work on the real machine or the the emulators which seems odd.

Unfortunately my original tape of this game has died which is a shame as its one of my favorite MSX games. Used to play it a lot with my father back in the 80s.

I ended up just playing it in the browser for my video review on my youtube channel but I don't like doing that, I'd rather use the real hardware but needs must I suppose. If anyone is interested this is the link - (I apologise if this is not allowed but its a small channel so plugs any chance I get :P)