MSX-DOS 1 max number of files in drive

By karloch

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24-06-2019, 11:18

I have been struggling to get Moonblaster working from DOS2, and I finally did by using Meits method of using a folder on drive B and switching to it before loading the program. This worked well so far, but if I put way too much files in the folder (let's say about 300), it looks like Moonblaster cannot handle that directory size and freezes. If I put about 50 files, then Moonblaster works perfectly.

I don't know whatever this is a Moonblaster or DOS1 limitation, but it would be nice to know from the DOS1 point of view, what is the maximum number of files that a drive is able to hold.

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By konamiman

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24-06-2019, 11:52

A standard 2DD floppy disk can hold 112 files in the root directory. Since DOS1 can't handle subdirectories, that's the maximum number of files you can handle per disk in this OS.

By karloch

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24-06-2019, 12:34

That is consistent with what I have been experiencing. I will try to create folders that don't exceed that limit, so Moonblaster can work just fine.

Thank you for shedding light Konamiman!

By Meits

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24-06-2019, 17:04

If you devide your MBM files by category/creator/product you keep things tidy and will most likely not exceed the dos1/Moonblaster boundry. Too many files in one dir will ruin a good overview.
I can imagine I look at it in a different way than most people since I create with it and like to keep things together while listeners might want to have everything in one dir and do a play all.


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26-06-2019, 00:51

Moonblaster has very low tolerance for any abnormal situations... Practically you will end up to memory overflow if the number of files exceed what fits to one screen. First you will lose colors from function selection bar and if you save even more files the program will crash. If you download the updated "Project hmm"-version, you can use all the drives you have (not only A/B)

By ~mk~

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26-06-2019, 05:39

If you are working with a FAT12 partition you can store up to 255 files