msx-dos2 on msx8250 possible?

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By Grauw

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23-02-2020, 12:54


Not that many years ago, I also decided to see what I have inside an old MSX HDD I used to use in the 90's... I must say I lifted automatically my elbow to protect my face when the thing started to spin up and that jet engine-like sound filled the room... It was followed by the self test that sounded like someone is cooking popcorn inside... I must say it made me a bit worried and to wonder, was it really THAT loud on the 90's? ...

In a similar vein CRT monitors scare me shitless nowadays Big smile. How did we ever feel safe sitting right in front of those things with that high pitched noise and humming, static charge and the knowledge that there’s tens of thousand of volts running through it.


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23-02-2020, 13:56

Grauw wrote:

In a similar vein CRT monitors scare me shitless nowadays Big smile.

Now that is something I don't share... I know that today OSSC together with flat screen can give you "good enough" picture quality, but it is still not same and therefore not how it was meant to be.

Yes, yes... I know that these old CM8833 n' friends may now and then catch fire or have some other similar minor problems, but I still can't imagine replacing them with some flat screen solutions. This month, from Nijmegen I bought even a light pen. How would I use that without a real monitor??? Same problem with Plus-X terminator laser... No way... CRT it must be. I even bought few new ones not that long ago so that I should survive few coming decades as well.

By DarkSchneider

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24-02-2020, 09:20

I also like more the CRT. It was the type of display the systems were designed for. Simply put at the correct distance, and don't open it to avoid discharges Tongue
Also low resolutions get a bit blurry on LCD. At the end the CRT displays will crash, and nowadays there aren't repair services for those devices, so we will end with a LCD, but meanwhile...

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