MSX(3) logo on a V9978... what could it have been?

By Manuel

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18-05-2019, 17:39

Remember that thread where I asked what a graphical MSX (1) logo could have been?

Here's another one: what would the logo have been on an MSX3, based on R800 and V9978?

As there is no V9978, let's use the V9990 instead as the closest thing that exists...

Who creates an MSX3 boot logo for R800 and V9990?

- extrapolate, so just "MSX" is good enough (like MSX2, MSX2+ and turboR)
- extrapolate: must look more fancy than turboR of course, it should show off the V9978/V9990
- mustn't last longer than the one of the turboR (otherwise it would be annoying)

Who would be interested in showcasing such a thing? I"m very curious what you could come up with!

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By PingPong

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18-05-2019, 19:12

V9990 have a good support for sprites: i wonder a logo made of sprites that move from somewhere far the center of the screen and combine togheter to form the logo like in a puzzle