Mutants from the deep rom. Black screen

By _ThEcRoW

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19-02-2022, 12:56

Hello all, trying to get this game running into my sx1(ocm clone) i get a black screen from sofarun. The same rom is loaded perfectly in bluemsx or openmsx so i think the rom is ok. Is using a special mapper not supported in the ocm variants?
Thanks in advance!

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By mcolom

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19-02-2022, 14:04

Try with the /R9 parameter with srom.

By AxelStone

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21-02-2022, 19:54

When a ROM fails with sofarun, use the native rom loader for OCM / Zemmix: mglocm. Is the most compatible and there are several ROMs that only works on it, Sofarun compatibility is not still perfect.

By _ThEcRoW

Master (145)

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22-02-2022, 14:47

Thanks for the replies, will try the suggestions you made and post results here.