.mx1 to .rom


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21-04-2018, 16:32

hi,i had heard about most of the msx flash carts are not accpeting .mx1 files,can it be converted to .rom files? thanks

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By mars2000you

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21-04-2018, 16:37

.mx1 and .mx2 files actually ROM files, you just need to change the extension with .rom


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21-04-2018, 16:38


By Manuel

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21-04-2018, 21:46

Who came up with that mx1 and mx2 nonsense anyway? It confuses the hell out of people... :S

By Tolvatar

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23-04-2018, 13:17

I think it's nointro packs that uses this extension. Not sure

By raulsantacruz

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24-04-2018, 13:35

I saw in Raspberry MSX emulators, for example (so, it will require in Retroarch MSX emu's)

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