My latest MSX game: Westen House

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By ren

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23-09-2021, 17:31

pm, or use the [spoiler/] tags please :)

@Santi Thanks! I'll probably wait for these improvements. Also makes it a bit easier in the sense of the general directions requiring a single cursor (press) instead of 2. Perhaps both +- 45deg could be implemented? (so the negative direction would lead to what I suggested) :)

And, of course, for keyboard (JoyMega as well I guess) users you could e.g. make use of 3 action buttons, eliminating the need for the dual presses, but that would obviously involve more work than tweaking some things / implementing some options, probably not what you're looking for at this stage :)

By Metalion

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23-09-2021, 18:34

tfh wrote:

BTW... My guess is that the MSXDev'21 competitors this year are glad you didn't finish in time.

Errr ... Yes
Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

By Arjan

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23-09-2021, 19:00

Ah yeah I really should've played the game before posted here based on my interpretation of other replies... Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

By Sebbeug

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23-09-2021, 19:10

Congratulations ! Very very cool !
and thanks a lot for this distribution !!!

By Uninteresting

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23-09-2021, 20:26

PMs work on the site now somehow?

Anyway, I wouldn't have minded seeing this in the contest. It would've made it much harder for me to place a bet on the winner.


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23-09-2021, 21:39

Greetings Santi! Excellent !
It is the first color isometric game for msx 1

By Uninteresting

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23-09-2021, 22:26

ARTRAG wrote:

It is the first color isometric game for msx 1

Well, there was at least Q*bert, Zaxxon and Disk Warrior, if you count either of them. Admittedly they're not of this exact type of game, and don't look anywhere near as fancy as Westen House.

By Manuel

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23-09-2021, 22:13

Actually, I found the controls for moving rather easy and intuitive. The controls for using items was a bit harder to get used to. But in the end, I managed.

By Ivan

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23-09-2021, 22:26

wolf_ wrote:

Very smart colours/tiles, considering the pixel limitations! I think at first sight many could be fooled thinking it's sc5. Wink

Indeed, I fast-forwarded the YouTube video and thought it was an MSX2 game! LOL! Mainly because of the detailed and colourful main character. Impressive graphics and technical details. Wish we had games for MSX1 like this back in the day!

By foody

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24-09-2021, 03:34

I want mmore games likes these!!!!! MOOOOOORRRRRRREEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

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