Need help with DSKPRO...

By Serkun123

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03-02-2019, 12:07

Hi! I was trying to make a copy on 3,5" floppy disks of protected game disks with DSKPRO and it seems to work OK, it starts reading and it takes a while to read and save to ram (I have a 1024Kbytes rom expansion), it only needs to swap the original and the target disk on two occasions.

But when I swapped disks and pressed space it didn't write on the target disk, it made a quick saving (lasting 3-4 seconds, I don't know where) and demanded again the original protected disk to insert... This behaviour seems to me a bit strange as I could make it start copying to the target disk and it took some minutes to save the data on the target disk.

What am I doing wrong? Thxs in advance!

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By Serkun123

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03-02-2019, 12:14

On the other hand, I don't understand completely the difference between the option Operation - Disk to File and the Operation - File to Disk? It's a bit confusing because I managed to copy a disk of this game using the protected mode and one of this options, but it always is a bit difficult to understand and the documentation does not indicate any instruction for this...

Image of dkspro running on MSX

By Manuel

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03-02-2019, 15:06

Disk to file means make a disk image of a disk. File to disk means: write a disk image to a real disk.
At least, that's what I would expect Smile