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By giuseve

Paladin (744)

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31-10-2014, 15:54


I know that the smell of a new phisic Cart is very precious for collectors.
But I can do without thinking that times are ready for a next step.
I mean:
- Not everybody have a real MSX
- Most MSX users have a MEGAFLASHROM or a HD they like to use as a "Juke Box" for their software.

So why don't consider the idea to create a Digital Versions Shop on MSX.ORG ?
Think about a software released some years ago: (for Example MANBOW2, Goonies 'R' good enough, Monster Hunter, and one day URIDIUM and JAWBREAKER II ), put away CART and BOX, transform manuals and covers in PDF, include the .ROM version and sell it at a cheaper price on MSX.ORG.SHOP.

I think many user would consider to buy it with Paypal.
It means that more people would enjoy them, programmers could make a littlebit money, users will have original and legal versions with a cheaper cost, collectors still have their unique stuff.

I'd be very happy to pay, download and flash on my MFRSCC+SD full versions software giving credits to their creators.

What do you think about?

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By syn

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31-10-2014, 16:14

All the stuff you mentioned is or has been for free to download at the respective sites.

Actually I can't think of many software titles that are not available in digital form, either free or paid.

By Grauw

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31-10-2014, 16:23

I like it!

Cartridge versions are real nice and will continue to sell, but if they are no longer produced or batches run out, we again end up with the situation that we have now with many old fan software: they are no longer available (and because they are still fairly recent, illegal copies are frowned upon as well).

Having a digital shop on a community site (like, which has a track record of staying online Smile) would ensure the availability, and continue to offer the software legally for all in a future-proof way. It would also be convenient for those fans who do not own a real MSX anymore.

By Grauw

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31-10-2014, 16:30

syn: Uridium, Space Manbow 2, a lot of Sunrise software, Compass… Just a few examples.

Kai Magazine offers digital versions of their games but that will of course not last forever. And I’m sure I missed a bunch of software releases in my last 5 years of inactivity which are already not available anymore.

That said, I personally see no reason to ask money for MSX software anymore nowadays Smile. But not everyone thinks the same, which I totally respect, and I don’t mind paying. I just worry about availability, plus not everyone wants to buy a physical media version. It would be great to have an “App Store” for MSX.

By ericb59

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31-10-2014, 17:35

My personal thought : I disagree with this idea.

I started to make cartridges because, i'm fed up with .rom or other digital copies.
Nothing is best that have a real thing, a real cartridge in hands and plug it into the computer.
Playing with .rom is really not the same feeling.

Cartridge is the physical incarnation of the coder 's work (of the designer, producer, musician's work...)
it's concrete and it's a pride !
and after all this time... Cartridge is the "spirit" of MSX. nothing less nothing more !
MSX = Cartridge

But, I agree there is a problem for all guys who want to buy games that are no more in production.
This is really a problem, and I think MSX community will better live and grow up if more physical games were produced.

it is alway possible to produce new cartridges with old stuff. All cartridges manufacturers can do it... Why choose to limit the batch ? I don't know...
For my part, I think special editions may be limited, but game production may continue with normal editions.
Uridium, JawbreakerII, Muffie's tutankham, are still available as normal edition, and will be produce still i'm alive and still someone want to buy one.

If some guys want to re-edit there game in new physical cartridge edition. I will be glad to do it Big smile

By mars2000you

Enlighted (6098)

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31-10-2014, 18:27

I think exactly the contrary. I'm fed up with 'only cartridge' releases because the number of users running the games on emulators is higher than the decreasing number of users running them on real machines.

Besides the unacceptable Konami attitude for homebrew remakes/inspired games, this persisting attitude in a part of the MSX scene is also a reason why I've decided to stop my main site MSX blue. I'm fed up with people who enter the MSX scene with interesting new games under digital form, then decide to go to the only physical format. It's a kind of strategy that I disapprove.

To be very clear : the problem is not to have to pay for a game. I've bought digital games made by Slotman, but his 'only cartridge' games don't interest me. I've bought the 3 Kai games under digital form, but the cartridges don't interest me. I've bought the Coleco version of Princess Quest when it has been made available on digital form, but I'll never buy the 'only cartridge' MSX version. Why ? Because I want to play the games on blueMSX and I'm no more interested by playing them on real machines.

It does not mean that new games can't be available on cartridge, eventually in an extended version. At least some coders know how to handle that with intelligence. The 'only cartridge' option is the worst option as it is a sign of disrespect for emulator's users.

By hit9918

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31-10-2014, 18:49

Emulator features run my head Wink
It is heartwarming to just see a photo of cartridges.
I imagine the emulator displaying 16 slots and what is plugged into it.
All the nice cartridge labels. If there is a game.rom.gif then display it.
Press cover button, then internal slots are covered by the computer case and only the plugged cartridges are visible.
The "slotmap" command could print that slot rack image Smile

By hit9918

Prophet (2911)

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31-10-2014, 19:54


MSX = Cartridge

You practicaly said "MSX is a console". That is true. Except that at the same time is a workstation.
Those keywords "at the same time"... are about that brilliant slot.
That allows expanding an MSX1 console to workstation.
With port F8 mapper highbyte, the MSX has 34 address lines. One gigabyte per subslot.

Workstations rather use diskloader games. Ten diskettes Smile
And diskloaders are not troublesome when one got an IDE jukebox.

By Manuel

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31-10-2014, 19:56

So, the fact that some people only release MSX games in cartridge form is the reason to stop with msxblue? .... O_o

By Grauw

Ascended (10329)

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31-10-2014, 19:57

I think the one release format does not exclude the other Smile.

There are good reasons to release on cartridge I think (I love it! Smile), and also good reasons to have digital releases available.

By giuseve

Paladin (744)

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31-10-2014, 20:05

i think that both are interesting. they are 2 different souls of the same feeling that can coexist.
a way is represented by providing different times for the releases. First the CART release with the fantastic feature of limited/numbered/gold model released with the normal batch. This would satisfy the CART lovers and the collectors that looks for limited sample.
Then there could be the digital batch After the sold out. This will satisfy the emulators fan but also the MegaFlash users and the Hd users that, remember, love and use real msx as the others.
Why don't permit the 2 souls to coexist?

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