Operation Wolf Ocean 1988 FX PCEFAN 256KB RAM REQUIRED

By alexito

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20-02-2018, 09:16

Hi guys, just let you know I have patched the ZxSpectrum Port (Operation Wolf) now you can load all the levels in RAM (at least 256KB Required) via FDD or SD/CF and enjoy playing the game with two buttons Joypad. A1WX Turbo Mode Enabled by default. Z80 at 7mhz for better speed.


I just wanna say thanks to FX your patched version make me wish more about this great game:


and Thanks Wouter from OpenMSX Team for his valuable info about how to use the debugger.

Well, this game make think what easy other great games could be patched in the future.


- Add AUDIO SAMPLES (Voices) via NMS-1205 or Moonsound.
- Mouse Support
- AIM System using MSX Sprites.
- Better BGM support via FM or PCengine CDROM - DEVELO BOX
- you name it.

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By TomH

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20-02-2018, 15:17

That's fantastic!

Now all we need is a Wiimote-esque accessory that identifies itself as a mouse, for some display-type-independent light gun action.

By rderooy

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20-02-2018, 16:28

Well... The Mayflash Dolphin Bar has a keyboard/mouse mode, so you can use a Wii remote and simulate a mouse... It does obviously require bluetooth, so it may be a bit tricky to run it on a real msx.

By alexito

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20-02-2018, 16:38

Now the special version for Turbo R GT or A1ST with 512KB RAM:




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