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27-08-2017, 04:59

PIC2MSX, Windows version.
PICMSX, Console version.

screen2.pal, Palette file for convert image to BMP, GIF for SCREEN 2, 3
screen8.pal, Palette file for convert image to BMP, GIF, PNG for SCREEN 8
(SCREEN 2, 3 and 8 are ignore palette in BMP, GIF, PNG)

For best result (Autodetect resolution and color):
use GIF for SCREEN 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 (256x192, 256x212, 256x424, 512x212, 512x424)
use JPG, PNG for SCREEN 12 (256x212, 256x424, 24 or 32 bits color)

All files and palette files are in BLOAD format.

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By Chaom

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27-08-2017, 05:00

Download here:
slumpmax's github

By Chaom

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27-08-2017, 05:14

SCREEN 2, use 256x192 pixels with 16 colors BMP or GIF files.
SCREEN 3, use 64x48 pixels with 16 colors BMP or GIF files.
(use screen2.pal for convert to BMP, GIF with graphic program)

SCREEN 5, use 256x212/256x424 pixels with 16 colors BMP or GIF files.
SCREEN 6, use 512x212/512x424 pixels with 2 colors BMP or 4 colors GIF files.
SCREEN 7, use 512x212/512x424 pixels with 16 colors BMP or GIF files.
(automatic palette convertion)

SCREEN 8, use 256x212/256x424 pixels with 256 colors BMP, GIF or PNG files.
(use screen8.pal for convert to BMP, GIF, PNG with graphic program)

SCREEN 12, use 256x212/256x424 pixels with 24 or 32 bits colors BMP, JPG or PNG files.

By The NoiseCollector

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06-10-2017, 17:55

github link is wrong.
I use the mif package 2.3 (http://lhalter.free.fr/mgr/) or MSX Screen Converter (http://msx.jannone.org/conv/) for converting pictures to MSX screens.

By mars2000you

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06-10-2017, 18:48

Google has that in his cache, but without the files : https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:fPf_ue...

I guess slumpmax has deleted this part of his github site ...

Here's a temporary zip with the 4 files (source is not included, as I didn't have it downloaded) : http://www.msxblue.com/temp2/PIC2MSX.zip

By DamnedAngel

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11-10-2018, 11:35

Hi all,

I am trying to convert and bload a King's Quest screenshot using PIC2MSX, but I getting an odd result.

This is the original picture:

This is what I am getting:

This is the code I am using:

10 SCREEN 8,,,,,0
20 BLOAD "a_256x21.sc8",S
30 A$=INPUT$(1)

I have already tried all 4 display modes (0-3) in SCREEN ,,,,,X.

Any ideas why I am getting this result?


By smx

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11-10-2018, 14:17

Before convert.... can you rescale image to Msx screen size?

By glufke

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11-03-2020, 19:55

Is there a linux version of PIC2MSX ? (or something else that converts JPG/BMP to MSX bload,S format)
I can see the windows tools and commands above
and this link too: (also for windows) - https://www.msx.org/forum/msx-talk/software-and-gaming/linux...

If someone have a linux command OR some web service where we input a JPG link and it returns a MSX converted image.
That would be awesome.
(If I can find a linux command for the conversion, I will probably make this service)