Progress in Ghost´n Globins now working at full speed on MSX2!!!

By DrWh0

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14-01-2019, 11:57

Assembler sent me this video of his progress optimizing the game even for MSX2 computers:

First stage of GnG AT 60 FPS on a regular MSX2 at 3.5Mhz:

Enjoy, this game is taking a very good shape ;)

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By gdx

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14-01-2019, 13:14

Great! Smile

By lintweaker

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14-01-2019, 16:56


By TomH

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14-01-2019, 19:23

Given that it's using the GFX9000, presumably it doesn't even really need the MSX 2?

By jltursan

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14-01-2019, 21:10

Impressive! Shocked!

By Albert77

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15-01-2019, 06:33

Wow Hannibal

By journey

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15-01-2019, 06:56

Can't wait for the release!!

By assembler

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15-01-2019, 08:42

TomH wrote:

Given that it's using the GFX9000, presumably it doesn't even really need the MSX 2?

It's correct. The only differente when the image comes from the V9990 chip is the proccessor, but the R800 requires that game data and program were in main RAM, so 256KB (for now) are neccesary. If I can optimize the code for an standard Z80, I will modify the code to run from ROM, so only 16KB would be enough.

This would speed up the loads between stages as the data wouldn't be compressed.

By thegeps

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24-01-2019, 16:13

WoW! About arcade perfetc! What about audio?

By JohnHassink

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24-01-2019, 18:06

Regarding audio, I was going to nag about the music being interrupted by the sound effects, but I just checked the original (arcade), and it behaves just the same. Smile
For the melody, an SCC wave could be used that approaches the original more. Try to find a sharper harpsichord sound.
Oh, before I forget, it does already look and sound fantastic!

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