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By wyrdwad

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04-02-2017, 06:34

OK, so as promised, I'm going to start slowly disseminating information here to help people play and enjoy this game, with or without Japanese knowledge. I guess the first things to go over would be the basics.

During gameplay, button 1 is your attack button and button 2 opens the menu. Button 1 does nothing in towns, since you only need to walk into NPCs to talk to them (and if you've already heard what they have to say, they won't talk to you at all anymore until there's a time or location change, which is a nice touch).

The button 2 menu consists of the following five options:


I'd recommend anyone starting out go into the SYSTEM menu first and foremost, and select the third option, which is MESSAGE SPEED. Adjust the message speed to your desired setting (left = faster, right = slower), then press button 1 to confirm. If you can read Japanese, I recommend moving the slider all the way to the left, because then you get near instantaneous message displays and -- crucially -- a prompt to press a button after each window of text, rather than just having the window keep on scrolling automatically until it reaches the end of the conversation. (Though this does occasionally screw up and cause it to scroll one line too far at the end of a conversation, but that's very rare.)

If you can't read Japanese, I recommend moving the slider to the second position from the left, which will have the text scroll at its fastest possible rate without stopping until it reaches the end of the conversation.

No matter what message speed you choose, however, you can always press and hold buttons 1 and 2 together to make the text write to the screen at ultra-high speed -- it's basically the text-skip option.

The crux of the game is that a man with a golden mask named Leschel Karos (Reschel? Lesher? Kalos? Caros? Not sure how they intended his name to be Romanized) and his group, Sorcery Squad Vifo, kills virtually everyone you know and love in search of ultimate power, and you've sworn revenge on him for it. But you need to (1) find him, and (2) get strong enough to actually defeat him, both of which are a bit tricky and will involve completing a number of other adventures. Along the way, you find yourself inadvertently winning the affections of the tomboy princess of Saia, Milim Lucean, and gaining the favor of the royal family in the process, which kind of opens a few doors for you but also gets you caught up in acts of international espionage against the southern kingdom of Bachmane -- a superpower that seems to have adopted an almost cult-like form of government after completely wiping the friendly Saris Kingdom off the map a number of years ago.

Leschel Karos and Sorcery Squad Vifo, as it happen, just so happen to be from Bachmane, working under the command of Bachmane's queen, Olmam Bach -- which is yet another reason for you to help out Saia in their efforts to circumvent Bachmane's military ambitions.

The majority of the game (at least, at first) takes place in towns, with travel between towns being signified by a map screen. There is no overworld to speak of, but there are random battles... sort of. If you travel from one town to another at night, you might be ambushed by bandits and told to hand over all your money. When this happens, the first option is "Hand over all your money," so... don't ever select the first option. Wink Select the second, and you'll get to battle the bandits, who are relatively difficult to defeat early on but become an absolute piece of cake once you gain the ability to shoot projectiles from your sword (which I believe happens at weapon level 3).

So until then, I recommend just always traveling during the day -- don't leave town at night, and you shouldn't ever get ambushed by bandits.

Leveling and experience works a bit differently in this game than in most, as there IS no experience -- you get nothing at all for defeating enemies, and are usually better off running past them unless they're in your way or a boss. Instead, you level-up by finding and using certain items. There are four different level-up items:

ラオニック - Laonic
Increases your level by 1 and your max HP by a small amount.

ミ・セイル - Mi Seil
Increases your level by 1 and your max MP by a small amount.

カインのしるし - Holy Symbol of Cain
Increases your level by 1 and your weapon level by 1 (which usually means adding the ability to fire one more projectile at a time).

ナイヤルのせきばん - Tablet of Naiyal
Increases your level by 1 and teaches you a new magic spell.

As soon as you get one of these four items, USE IT -- there's no sense hanging on to it, as far as I know, as its power doesn't grow greater with time or anything, so you might as well just reap its benefits immediately.

I'll get back to combat and go over items and magic in a future post, but for now, I just wanted to give some general tips on game progression:

  • Whenever you visit a town for the first time, always seek out its church (during the day) and select the third option from the list of services. This is "Undergo an ordeal" or something along those lines, and will basically have you play a game of Simon for anywhere from 8 to around 20 rounds. If you make it all the way through, your max MP will be increased.
  • Additionally, whenever you visit a town with a church (for the first time or otherwise), always make a point of visiting it (again, during the day, as churches are closed at night, with one exception) and selecting the second option, "Pray," before you leave. This may not seem to do anything, but if you go too long without praying, you'll be told your faith in your god has wavered too far, and I think this makes all your magic unusable? I don't actually know what it does, because I immediately reset when it happened, reloaded, and went to a church to pray. Wink
  • It bears mentioning that the first option in the church is "Make an offering," and is the only way I'm aware of to restore your MP. It also restores your HP, making it a pretty sweet deal for only 5 Cz!
  • The usual way you'll restore your HP, however, is by sleeping at an inn, which is also how you save your game. Additionally, if it's nighttime, sleeping at an inn will change it to daytime.
  • While most shops are open only during the day, and inns are open both day and night, there is one type of shop that's only open at night: the tavern. Whenever you visit a new town, if you happen to be around at nighttime, it's worth seeking out the town's tavern (just about every town has one) and spending the 12 Cz to drink there, as this is often how crucial story scenes are triggered. After selecting to drink at the tavern, you'll be asked which table you want to sit at; as far as I'm aware, this has no bearing on the plot (plot-relevant tavern encounters will happen no matter which table you pick), and only determines which of several pithy hints you get if there are no plot-relevant events cued up.
  • The other type of institution you'll find in most towns is a battle arena. These are only open during the day, and you can only participate in the battle arena once every few days, so if you've been in a town's battle arena recently, you'll probably have to leave, do other stuff, and come back before you can try it again. Battle arena fights are bare-knuckle, and extremely difficult -- you'll get absolutely walloped if you're not careful. But when you inevitably die, you're not actually dead; you'll be healed back up afterward, and given 100 Cz for every opponent you defeated. Money is never a problem in this game, but even so, it's probably best to fight in the arena whenever you happen by one, as it can't hurt to get a little extra spending cash.

...I think that'll do for now. But I'll post more in the near future! Hopefully, this is helpful to someone. You guys have always been really helpful to me so far, so I figure I might as well give back what I can. Wink


By wyrdwad

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04-02-2017, 22:29

OK, part two! Important items and magic.

Aside from the four level-up items detailed previously, there are only a handful of items you'll be using in this game -- most, honestly, just take up space in your inventory and can really just be sold at shops (second option).

The most useful ones, though, that you should consider always keeping on-hand are:

ザン・リクシュ (+1, +2, +3, +4) - Zan Riksche (+1, +2, +3, +4)
The standard healing item. There are five varieties, with the +4 obviously being the best. When possible, you should definitely replace all your Zan Riksches with Zan Riksche +4s, as they're relatively cheap (compared to the amount of money you earn in this game, anyway), and absolutely vital to have on-hand, since you won't always have time to cast magic for healing.

ラニュール - Ranyule
Poison recovery. You won't encounter poison all that much in the game, but you should make sure to stock up on this before entering the forest dungeon, since you will be crossing several poison swamps in there and will probably run out of MP if you rely on magic to cure you every time.

カルハニムスのカギ - Karhanimth's Key
Used to unlock locked treasure chests. You should always carry 3 or 4 with you, because these items are the only way to unlock some treasure chests in the game -- there's a spell for unlocking treasure chests too, but it only works on those that have been sealed up with "magic locks," which are separate from those that have been sealed up with regular locks. And it sucks if you're deep in a dungeon and find that there's a treasure you can't get because you don't have enough keys on hand -- and in one case in particular, if that happens, you're screwed out of the treasure altogether, because you can't return to the dungeon once you leave it.

ウィル・ポーのすなどけい - Will Poe's Hourglass
Will Poe is the name of the god of time in game lore, so unsurprisingly, this item is used to change day to night or night to day. You don't technically need these, since you can change night to day by sleeping at an inn, or day to night by just entering and leaving shops enough times, but there are times it'll be useful to have one of these, and it's usually quicker during the day to just go into a shop, buy one, and use it than to walk in and out of a shop over and over again until night falls. (Note that you'll eventually learn a magic spell that does the same thing, making this item mostly obsolete.)

ホーキンがい - Hawkin Shell
Used to transport to any town you've visited thus far. Note that this only works from within another town -- if you try to use it in a dungeon or battle scene, it won't do anything. (Note that you'll eventually learn a magic spell that does the same thing, making this item mostly obsolete.)

ハイフォンのふだ - Haiphon Ticket
I'm not listing most story items here (you can't accidentally sell story items or anything, since they don't show up on your list in shops), but this one is pretty notable, as it allows you to freely move between the two southernmost towns (Contrabal and Rifania) and the rest of the game world. Without a Haiphon Ticket, you need to find some other way to get to Contrabal and Rifania. Fortunately, you only need one, ever -- it's never used up.

(anything)・カマン - (anything) Kaman
If you ever see an item name ending in ・カマン, it's a piece of armor, so make sure to go into your equip screen and try it on. It's unlikely you'll ever find a piece of armor that's worse than what you already have, so it's usually a good rule of thumb to just equip whatever the last item is you received.

スイレンのすず - Suiren's Bell
Used to gather info about your surroundings, including the number of treasure chests in the dungeon, and more crucially, the number of treasure chests that still have items in them! This might be useful to you for a very short amount of time, but you quickly learn a magic spell to replace it (it's one of the first spells you learn in the entire game, assuming you explore thoroughly enough), and the spell uses up so little MP that this item becomes obsolete almost immediately. More details will be listed under the spell description -- the spell is called Sepethmyda.

カンカールのしずく - Kankarl's Drop
To be honest, I'm not 100% sure what this does, but the description implies it might be useful if you lose faith in your god (i.e. if you go for too long without praying at a church), so maybe it's the remedy that gets you your magic back in that case? Hard to say without testing. But I figured I'd at least mention it!

ブロドゥイン - Brodwin
Also figured I'd mention this one, though I've never had any need to use it. It claims to cure drunkenness and other similar ailments, but I've actually never gotten drunk in the game -- I assume you need to go into the bar several times before that happens, but I always only visit the bar in each town once or twice. And I've never been able to find another use for this item (it doesn't cure confusion in battle), so I don't ever really find myself using these. You might, though, which is why I'm mentioning it!

* * *

And useful spells! Note that magic takes time to cast, so you should never cast a spell when there are enemies nearby or you might get hurt and the spell might get interrupted.

セペスマイダ - Sepethmyda
Same effect as Suiren's Bell; used to check your surroundings. Use this in dungeons to determine if there are any treasure chests you haven't collected yet: if you see one number displayed, it's the number of treasure chests in the dungeon, and if you see a second number displayed, it's the number of treasure chests with items inside them. Your secondary goal in every dungeon is to use this spell and try to get it to display only one number -- if it displays two, then you've missed a treasure somewhere. Sometimes, this will be unavoidable -- there are some treasures you can't get without the ability to warp, which you don't learn until much later -- but it's still good to know. Note that this spell also gives you other information, but it's all more or less useless. The full set of information provided inside dungeons is:

  • Name of dungeon
  • Number of treasure chests in dungeon
  • (Number of unopened treasure chests in dungeon)
  • (There are traps in this dungeon)
  • The dungeon does/does not have an exit (if the dungeon has no exit, that means you need to defeat a boss in order to leave)

チェンバス - Chenbath
Status recovery. This works on poison, but also on other status effects as well, so it's much more useful than the Ranyule item. But like all spells, it requires some casting time to use it, so it's not as instantaneous. Also, note that the low-health status ailment which sees your HP slowly dropping can NOT be cured by Chenbath -- you need to heal in order to cure that, as that status ailment is basically "bleeding out," and just automatically triggers when your HP is very low.

カルハニムス - Karhanimth
Unlocks a nearby treasure chest, as long as it was locked magically and not physically. If you try to open a treasure chest but it doesn't work, and you have at least one Karhanimth's Key in your inventory (which would be automatically used if that's what was needed), then that probably means you need to cast Karhanimth, then try opening the chest again. Almost exclusively, level-up items can be found inside magically locked treasure chests, so definitely make sure to use this when you can.

レンテポナン - Renteponan
Healing. This works differently than the Zan Riksche items, in that it will basically heal you to max, but use 1 MP for every 1 HP it restores (which is why the MP it uses in the menu is listed as ??). If you don't have enough MP to heal to full, it'll just heal as much as it can. This should be used as an absolute last resort only, since it'll eat through your magic in no time compared to just using items -- it's the one time when it's actually better to just use an item.

フェ・リクシュ - Fe Riksche
Surprisingly useful, though it doesn't last very long; freezes all enemies in place temporarily.

フェ・ニルエン - Fe Niluen
Changes day to night or night to day. The magic equivalent of Will Poe's Hourglass.

フェ・ペクトム - Fe Pectom
Transport from one town to another. The magic equivalent of a Hawkin Shell. Uses a pretty good chunk of MP, though, so if you're not teleporting to a town with a church where you can easily recover your MP for 5 Cz, you might be better off teleporting to a neighboring town and walking the rest of the way.

ペトゥムヌゥ - Petumnu
Boosts defense temporarily. I don't know how effective this actually is, as there's no indication anywhere that your defense has been raised, so it could wear off really quickly or it could last a long time; it's hard to say.

イェンダリュ - Yendaryu
Boosts attack temporarily. Again, not sure how effective this actually is, but it bore mentioning.

フェ・ラエノート - Fe Raenote
Had to look this one up, since I haven't learned it yet in my playthrough, but it's the answer to my original question in this topic: this spell teleports you at random to another spot in the dungeon. This can include spots that are not accessible through normal means, allowing you to grab treasure chests you couldn't previously.

The other spells I've learned so far are all used to affect nearby enemies in various ways, but they never seem to work very well, so you're better off saving your MP for better spells.

Next time, I'll go over some of the towns in the game, and then finally, I'll try to type up a simple walkthrough for you.


By wyrdwad

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05-02-2017, 08:28

OK, let's take a look at the towns! (And other map locations, though there's only one that's not a proper town.) They're the meat of this game, so it's good to know what each town is, what you can get out of it, and what other towns it connects to. Consider this the walkthrough equivalent of drawing a map, I guess.

Most towns in the game have multiple exits, and each exit leads to a different other town or dungeon. There are also some dungeons that exist inside towns, usually hidden.

Note that in addition to the town's name, I'm going to give a nickname for it, which is how I identify each of them. This isn't official -- it just helps me separate them in my mind. Wink

Anyway, in the order you're likely to explore them, here are all the game's map locations.

* * *

ザノバとりで - Zanoba Fortress
No dungeon, but you can speak with your surrogate father/trainer at the top of the hill, who will identify items for you (and advance the story, at one point).

  • Southeast: Seltore (CHURCH TOWN)

セルトレ - Seltore
Dungeon: Enter the church at night. (First dungeon of the game.)

  • Northeast: Zanoba Fortress (STARTING LOCATION)
  • Northwest: Saia (CAPITAL CITY)
  • Southeast: Garciano (CITY OF EXCESS)
  • Southwest: Teneibe (TRADING OUTPOST)

サイア - Saia
No dungeon, but there is a castle here that you can enter, in which you'll find the king as well as two treasure rooms that he unlocks for you after certain story events have occurred.

  • Southeast: Seltore (CHURCH TOWN)
  • Southwest: Teneibe (TRADING OUTPOST)
  • Northwest: Weltoria (PIRATE TOWN)
  • Northeast: Miranta (PORT TOWN)

ウェルトリア - Weltoria
No dungeon, but after certain events have taken place, you will find yourself fighting some pirates in a separate battleground here.

  • North: Saia (CAPITAL CITY)
  • Talk to Manoi at the docks: After a certain point in the game, talking to Manoi here will let you sail to Contrabal (IMPERIAL CITY)

ガルシアノ - Garciano
No dungeon, but there is a palace in the middle of town where certain story events will take place.
NOTE: There is no church in this town.

  • North: Seltore (CHURCH TOWN)
  • South: Eliselem (LAKE TOWN)

エリースレム - Eliselem
Dungeon: Walk to the edge of the dock during the day to enter the Fairy Village.
NOTE: There is no church in this town.

  • North: Garciano (CITY OF EXCESS)
  • Walk to edge of dock at night: After a certain point in the story, the spirit of Elise will appear and offer to send you to Rifaia (RUINED CAPITAL)

テネーベ - Teneibe
Dungeon: Walk into the trees on the left side of the fountain at night to enter the "bizarro Teneibe" dungeon.

  • Northwest: Saia (CAPITAL CITY)
  • Northeast: Seltore (CHURCH TOWN)
  • Southwest (if you have a Haiphon Ticket): Contrabal (IMPERIAL CITY)
  • Southeast (if you have a Haiphon Ticket): Rifaia (RUINED CAPITAL)

ミランタ - Miranta
No dungeon.

  • Southwest: Saia (CAPITAL CITY)
  • Southeast: Waydel (MOUNTAIN DUNGEON)
  • Talk to guy at the docks: After a certain point in the story, he'll take you to Ramaskael (ISLAND PARADISE) for 100 Cz.

ウェーデル - Waydel
Not a town at all; just a dungeon. AFAIK, this is the only standalone dungeon in the game.

  • South: Miranta (PORT TOWN)

コントラバル - Contrabal
Dungeon: Enter the temple in town after a certain point in the story to access the Contrabal Labyrinth dungeon.
NOTE: There is no church in this town.
ALSO NOTE: You should not leave this town until you've acquired a Haiphon Ticket by talking to all the NPCs, then entering the item shop during the day, then entering it again at night.

  • Northwest: Teneibe (TRADING OUTPOST)
  • Northeast: Rifaia (RUINED CAPITAL)

リファイア - Rifaia
Dungeon: Enter the ruins of Saris Castle. Explore them thoroughly (you can't enter this dungeon again after beating its boss), then fight the boss (who only shows up at night) in order to basically burn the castle down and fall into the dungeon beneath the Bachmane Kingdom. Be sure to get every treasure in this dungeon as well before leaving, because you can't enter the dungeon again afterward.
NOTE: There is no church in this town.

  • South: Contrabal (IMPERIAL CITY)
  • North: Teneibe (TRADING OUTPOST)

ラマスカエル - Ramaskael
Dungeon: Walk into the patch of forest on the northwest part of town at just the right angle to enter the forest maze dungeon.
NOTE: There is no church in this town.
ALSO NOTE: The house in the northwest part of town houses a plot-crucial NPC. When you enter here, be prepared for a long cutscene, followed by two boss battles and five quiz questions.

  • Speak to the boatman during the day: Miranta (PORT TOWN)

* * *

Unless the game has a big surprise in store for me soon, this should cover every major location on the map. Happy exploring!

My next post will probably be the final one in this "series," and I won't be making it until I beat the game -- it'll basically be a simple walkthrough and story summary for those who want to play through the game despite not being able to read a word of it.


By sd_snatcher

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05-02-2017, 11:25

Thanks for this walkthrough, wyrdwad! I'm also one of those who tried to play this game back then, but couldn't because of its high dependence in Japanese comprehension. Keep it coming. Smile

By wyrdwad

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06-02-2017, 08:40

Not ready to post the last part of the walkthrough yet, but wanted to post again to note that I'm in the final dungeon right now, and HOLY CRAP what an awesome final dungeon it is. It's absolutely *massive*, incredibly difficult, and really, REALLY creepy! It reminds me of the Palace of Solomon from Ys II, but much bigger, more involved, and more threatening. I'm actually really impressed with what T&E Soft was able to do here, as this is the most "final dungeon-y" final dungeon I've played through in a really long time. You can FEEL the final battle looming!

It's motivating me to give even more details in my walkthrough, since I really want other people to play this -- it's a genuinely great game! Has a few flaws, to be sure, but where it succeeds, it succeeds fantastically. Makes me really interested in its two sequels -- wish they were on MSX too!


By wyrdwad

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08-02-2017, 10:54

Just beat the game. WHEW, that final battle was intense! Definitely won by a razor-thin margin. I'm almost ready to call BS on that final boss fight, but I appreciate what they were going for too much to hate on it -- it was kind of cinematic. The boss has three forms, and the third form only requires one single hit to defeat... but to score that hit, your timing and positioning has to be absolutely PERFECT. And to even know WHERE to score that hit, you have to really study the boss sprite and take note of one very minor, easy-to-miss detail about it. It's honestly pretty clever and unique -- and in many ways, very ahead of its time.

The ending was quite satisfying, too! A little basic, but sweet.

Now that the game is beaten, I intend to finish up my story/gameplay walkthrough and hopefully post it here by this weekend (I've already written about half of it, and I'm trying to be as detailed and thorough as possible). That being the case, I'm kind of wondering if a moderator can change the name of this topic -- since it's now a general info topic about Rune Worth, would it be OK to change it to "Rune Worth info/walkthrough" or something?

Also, I wanted to make a couple corrections to the info I've posted so far:

テネーベ - Teneibe

  • This name is one of the few that actually appears in English on the map that's shown during the game's intro cutscene, and is officially spelled "Tenerbe" in English -- not "Teneibe." As such, in my walkthrough, I'll be referring to it as Tenerbe.

リファイア - Rifaia

  • I just completely borked this one! It's リファニア, not リファイア -- not sure how I read the ニ as an イ when I wrote my above post. This changes the name of the city to Rifania, not Rifaia -- which is a better-sounding name anyway, so yeah, I'm kind of glad I had this one wrong! Wink Again, in my walkthrough, I'll be referring to this city correctly as Rifania.

And I'd like to make one addition, as well, to the spell list -- this is a spell I didn't have yet when I wrote my previous post, but it turned out to be extraordinarily useful during the endgame, so it definitely bears mentioning:

アウントゥム - Auntum
Teleports you to the entrance of the current dungeon, for easy escape. Even in areas where other spells don't work, Auntum always does, making this spell an absolute lifesaver when you're going around the world searching for treasure near the end of the game.

That's all for now, but stay tuned! My next post in this topic is going to be a doozy. Wink


By mfeingol

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08-02-2017, 18:53


By wyrdwad

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08-02-2017, 21:22

There are apparently two sequels to this game, but not on MSX. Rune Worth 2 is PC-98 only, I believe, and I think so is Rune Worth 3.

Finding info online for either game is even harder than finding info for this one, so I have no idea what they're like. I'd definitely be curious to try them out, though!


By wyrdwad

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12-02-2017, 07:04

The full walkthrough has been posted! Check this topic to read through it, and I hope it helps you guys out:


By Hydragon

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12-02-2017, 10:32

wyrdwad wrote:

The full walkthrough has been posted! Check this topic to read through it, and I hope it helps you guys out:


sended you an email ;) looking forward to your reply ;)

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