SC2 Slideshow for MSX1.

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By tonigalvez

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02-12-2014, 00:34

Hi, some time ago, I had the idea of convert some spectacular Speccy pictures to MSX1, but not only convert like they are, most of them are retouched to get more quality on the SC2 format.

Some Speccy pictures where downloaded from internet, some others where captured on emulator, I load on a Promotion (pixel art program), retouched the color palette and some details, later, I convert them on BMP2MSX. JAM and Fernando Garcia help me with the loader, thank you for the help.

The slideshow is a DSK, you can load on floppy or any other hardware that emulate it.
Download Toni Galvez SC2 Slideshow

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By Jipe

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02-12-2014, 11:40

impressive portraits and landscapes

By gdx

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02-12-2014, 13:34

Thx. Smile

By kanima

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02-12-2014, 20:08

Contains some awesome images. Cool

By ray2day

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02-12-2014, 21:22

Pretty amazing. And that for MSX1. I also am pretty amazed by the diversity and especially the amount of SC2 pictures this disk contains. - Nice MSX work Toni! Cool

By Grauw

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02-12-2014, 22:23

Very nice, and so many Smile. That diagonal dithering works really well, I gotta remember that!

By sd_snatcher

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03-12-2014, 04:10

Very nice, indeed. There are quite a lot impressive ZX-spetrum art out there.

Many of them seem to come from the website. But I never saw some others, like: 11.SC2, 17.SC2, 21.SC2, 28.SC2, 44.SC2

Do you have the originals, or remember where to download them?

By giuseve

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03-12-2014, 07:38

Good job.
As I said in another post, there is aways a zx spectrum inspiration in MSX world that sometimes is obvious for MSX1 family.
But for Msx2 / msx2+ users I would like to see more works inspired by machine like amiga, i think that msx2 can do it.
Look at this art
I think screen 7 or screen 8 can do it.
So i would like to see a screen8 slideshow with graphics like these too. ;)

By MäSäXi

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03-12-2014, 08:55

Thank you very much Toni! I was always hoped someone would make such slideshow for MSX. Smile I enjoyed a much while watching those pictures. Smile Thank you!!

I still have one wish, I hope somebody could make a Spectrum 128K game music disk which also would show at least few Spectrum loading screens from those games. On Amiga I used to watch and listen "100 Commodore 64 Game Musics" (or something like that). When it was loaded, it played fantastic Yie-Ar Kung-Fu tune (no, not that one which Konami used on MSX...) which was an arrangement of Jarre´s tune and showed many many loading screens at the same time. By clicking the mouse, slideshow ended, but you got up/down scrollable alphabetical list of 100 Commodore 64 games with all their tunes and sound effects.

It would be nice to have some disk(s) for MSX, which would allow me to choose Spectrum 128K game tune and then it loads that game´s loading screen and plays tune(s) and I could watch that loading screen while tune plays. Smile Tunes could be changed using numbers or function keys while watching loading screen. Smile Of course you should choose Spectrum games which were not ported to MSX. Wink One could fit several loading screens and tunes to one disk. Smile I hope someone could be interested about my idea. Smile

By Grauw

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03-12-2014, 09:36

guiseve: I think those are a little too many colours for screen 8. But there is a similar image in MCCM 80, page 47. That Art Gallery section in the MCM / MCCM magazines was pretty nice by the way, not everything was stellar but some were really good.

By tonigalvez

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03-12-2014, 09:46

Hi, thank you for your words, I enjoyed so much making this slideshow, I maked the MSX models slideshow on SC8 and SC12, but I can make more with some art converted from Amiga and PC.

@Masaxi, I whould like to do, your proposition is very interesting, the hardest part here is the music replay routine, I have no idea how to do it, I will look for help to the coders I know and we will see.

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