Simple hooks library wrapper

By Emily82

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17-02-2019, 06:25

Hey guys i created a small C wrapper library to program hooks from C. I hope you will enjoy it Big smile

This is the link of the small project

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By ToriHino

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17-02-2019, 09:16

Thanks! I was about to look into how to use a hook from my program but this is exactly what i need.

By Giangiacomo Zaffini 2

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17-02-2019, 16:39

Thank You Emily82!
These days I'm playing with SDCC and ASxxx. Praticing little modification on already working projects like Yours.
Starting with utterly relocable assembly like one of these at hand at @cobinee blog page full of MSX games made with SDCC, I'm trying to compile it as BASIC binary and since I coun't make it right yet, I decided to use Your ctr0bin.s.

By Emily82

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17-02-2019, 18:43

Im happy my code is usefull for some other's project Cool

By Emily82

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18-02-2019, 00:42

Oh i know that game song, it's this


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