SofaFTP bug report thread

By Louthrax

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19-08-2018, 17:22

SofaFTP is an MSX-DOS 2 FTP client for GR8NET and UNAPI devices (DenYoNet and ObsoNet).

It supports recursive and "update-only" transfers in both directions.

FTP server has to support STAT command and passive mode. It must also list directories in UNIX mode.

A list of SofaFTP specific or raw FTP commands can be specified on the command line, allowing creation of batch files to easily upload or download files. Here are two example .BAT files recursively updating the current directory between MSX and server:

UPDLOCAL.BAT user*anonymous!pass!getru*%_CWP%*%_CWP%!quit

UPDREMOT.BAT user*anonymous!pass!putru*%_CWP%*%_CWP%!quit

Be sure that your MSX has an accurate RTC time set, or configure your GR8NET or UNAPI device to automatically synchronize RTC time with an NTP server.

Finally, here are some download rates benchmarks:

  • Z80 / GR8Net: 34.0 KB/s
  • Z80 / GR8Net-UNAPI: 17.5 KB/s
  • Z80 / DenYoNet: 9.5 KB/s
  • R800 / GR8Net: 66.0 KB/s
  • R800 / GR8Net-UNAPI: 44.0 KB/s
  • R800 / DenYoNet: 10.5 KB/s

Please report any issue on this thread.

You can download it from my website.

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By Wolverine_nl

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20-08-2018, 10:48

Very nice work Louthrax Smile I will test this the coming days.

By Louthrax

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27-08-2018, 01:01

So it looks like the GR8Net and the DenYoNet are using the same W5100 chip... Does anybody know what could explain the speed difference between the 2 (30Kbps for GR8Net and 10Kbps for DenYoNet)? Maybe the hardware interface is different ?

By edoz

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14-11-2018, 21:12

What was the size of the test file or was there no test file? Seems FTP is much faster than wget. I notice as well in the past that the denyonet gets unstable with bigger file sizes, sometimes just hangs as well.

By hamlet

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15-11-2018, 19:24

Great news Louthrax! Will give my GR8net some food next weekend! Happy to see you here around!

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