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By Manuel

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13-05-2021, 22:58

By the way, does someone know the Erik de Boer who wrote this? Smile

By tfh

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13-05-2021, 23:11

Received a working .DMK from TheKid and added Smile

By wouter_

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15-05-2021, 11:55

Quick update:
I've created READ-DMK version 0.42 which has this bug fixed (it was indeed the sector buffer that was too small). 'TheKid' confirmed this new version works fine now.

Also a word of caution on DMK-Creator: this program can create a .dmk image for the 'supercop' disk. However this image is invalid! Internally a dmk file contains a table with pointers to the start of sector headers. But some of these don't point to valid sector headers! This seems to happen for most (all?) of the overlapping sectors on this disk. When this image is used in openMSX, such invalid sectors are ignored. Nevertheless 'supercop' still seems to start fine. Maybe this part of the copy-protection is not checked? Or maybe it's only checked at some later point in the program?

I've discussed this issue in more detail with 'cbsfox'. But unfortunately he has chosen not to fix this bug. Unfortunately it seems that DMK-Creator development has stalled Sad

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