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By Grauw

Ascended (10820)

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25-01-2014, 21:39

Synthesix turns your MSX into a modular MIDI synthesizer.

I presented the project today on the MSX Fair Nijmegen. For those of you who weren’t there, let me post the text from the flyer:



MSX Modular MIDI Synthesizer


Modular architecture
MSX-MIDI / Philips MIDI support

Chip support



Envelopes (AR, AD, ADSR*)
LFO (triangle, saw*, sine*, pulse*, sequence*)
Key trigger & gate
Pitch bend
MIDI clock*
Multiplication / addition operators

Modular architecture

Instantiate any number of components and hook them up in any way you like. Component inputs and outputs can be connected in user-defined configurations.

Designed for real time MIDI control with a controller or an external sequencer.

* Currently not implemented yet

There is no release version yet (sorry). It still needs a lot of UI work and extended chip support. Right now the only way to define a program is in assembly code Smile. But most of the core architecture is in place. When it is released it will be free and open source.

I’ll try to make a Youtube video sometime soon showing off some of the features.

Feel free to post questions, ideas, etc.

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By Latok

msx guru (3959)

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26-01-2014, 00:38

For me, this was the most surprising project today and its very promising!! Thanks Laurens Smile

By syn

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26-01-2014, 01:41

Yes this is a very interesting project imho, especially since I was actually planning to make something like this in the future, but now I dont have to anymore .. thank you for saving me the time Wink It was low on my priority list (main interest is trying to a game) but a few years back I thought it would be very cool to be able to connect a few MSX computers to a PC and use them as synthesizers within pc software like cubase. Other than mixing msx sound with sounds from softsynths or digital audio/samples, I thought of other possiblilities like stereo, better sound through more available voices (by using more than one MSX) and maybe some crazy stuff like using 5 or 7 msx with FMPAC+SCC in a "surround sound" setup Wink

Btw there is a project similar to yours, called MSX Synth (which I still need to test sometimes btw)

By MsxKun

Paragon (1134)

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26-01-2014, 01:36

Nice Big smile I hope you resolved the lot of problems I got in MSXsynth (as syn nicely pointed, I'm more or less working on it, but very slowly cause I focus more on videogames) when you send too many notes in a short time to the MSX via MIDI and you still need to dump something to VRAM.

I can't wait to test it! Specially the modular features. Big smile

By Retrofan

Paragon (1339)

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26-01-2014, 16:59

@Grauw: if you need some testing for Bit² μ.Pack (external MSX-MIDI), I can help you as I got the real hardware Smile

By msx fan finland

Champion (505)

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27-01-2014, 09:47

Ilike this a lot too. problem is : There in forum is so much intresting news that i dont have time to read all of them.
But msx music is the section that i worked. especially MSX MIDI. i think that this is also one of those what i need to continut msx midi music producing.
i already have msx midisaurus and midipac from worp3.
yes Retrofan is right about real hardware... if someone programmer needs something from me then keep in touch then we can arrange it so these kind of msx projects goes on.
My english is bad but i hope you understand my point on this. im going to help in anywayt to this msx society to produce even more good msx solutions.
im going to follow this project too and let me know when it can be buy, then when its ready.
Thanks all of you in msx platform.


By Grauw

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09-02-2014, 00:15

Oh, I made a rather glaring omission! I should also support the key click “sound chip”… Smile

By snout

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09-02-2014, 01:39

How about cassette motor relais and disk drive motor noise? *cough*

By Grauw

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09-02-2014, 15:07

Ha, good ones Smile.

However, they don’t pass through the audio signal path so I’m going to say no ;p. Also even though I used to have a lot of fun making noises with the cassette relais back in the day, it’s a mechanical device and I wouldn’t want to be responsible for people breaking it Smile.

Key click though could be useful as percussion or metronome…

By o.geerdink

Hero (588)

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19-02-2014, 21:04

Grauw can i have your src i spoke to you in nimwegen fat dude who wrote gui for total replay smf replayer. I set up my shed where does your house live mine in brooklyn

By o.geerdink

Hero (588)

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19-02-2014, 21:04

Ow i use my face recognize me?

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