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By syn

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09-04-2018, 01:46

A few months ago I tested synthesix... actually my first time using it and it was a very quick test.. the music sucks I was just playing some random chords using some 1 finger chords plugin since I cant play any instrument and i also had to deal with severe latency.

I routed bluemsx to accept midi input from ableton live. So basically my midi keyboard input was captured by ableton, and then transfered to blueMSX. You can also have it play music from the pianoroll instead. (I did that later but did not record it and threw away the project cuz it was junk). The reason I did not post it right away was because i wanted to create an actual good sounding song but i got bored...

I only spend about 15 minutes on synthesix, I could not change the parameters for some reason, what you hear is the basic/default patch.... so question: how does the software work? :D

Also I need a way to route the audio out of bluemsx to ableton live so I can capture the scc sound and run it through some effects plugins ;)

By Grauw

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09-04-2018, 11:59

Hey syn, neat! Doesn’t sound too bad Smile.

That question "how does the software work" is also kind of why I have not been working on this project anymore recently Smile. That and the enormous scope of it (even though I thought I’d keep it simple). It works similar to modular synthesizers like Max/MSP, Pure Data, NI Reaktor or the Nord Modular. But that’s quite complex, and kinda hard to display in an intuitive way on an MSX screen.

But in essence, there are building blocks, and each block has a single purpose: generate an LFO wave signal, add two signals, select from a set of values, produce a synchronising timer, etc. These blocks have inputs and outputs, and all inputs can be hooked up to all outputs to provide maximum flexibility and maximum (sound) complexity Tongue. For more information, I’ve written some usage instructions in the readme.

The configurability is limited though, because although there are various types of modules, they can not be added / removed in the editor yet (only in code), so you need to make do with the pre-existing set. Still there are some nice sounds you can produce.

One of the SCC tone inputs is the waveform select, this is backed by a wavetable which contains some waveforms ripped from SD Snatcher, the standard waveforms (sine, saw, square), and a pulse modulating waveform (which you hear modulating in the standard setup).

I want to at some point make Lite versions of Synthesix, focusing just on one sound chip each, offering a more simplified, traditional UI built around the type of synthesis the sound chip does. The FM one should be quite simple, though to get the full potential out of the SCC one is a scope monster :), because ideally it should include some kind of wave table generation editor with FM and filter support.

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