Taking the A-train by Ponyca on MSX2

By Metalion

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28-04-2016, 20:09


Not much info about that game, which has spawned a whole series afterwards on several platforms.

Tried it on BlueMSX but went nowhere ...
Does anyone know how to play with it ?

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By foobarry81

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28-04-2016, 20:43

No idea. I found this YT video though, maybe that could help you figuring things out:


By Metalion

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29-04-2016, 09:02

Not really, no Smile
But thanks anyway for your help.

By Pippo

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30-04-2016, 08:29

Hello Metalion,
I have that game.
It's in japanese and it seems to work with BlueMsx.
If you want, I may send you the Rom. Smile
Please, kindly give me your e-mail address.

By Metalion

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30-04-2016, 11:20

Hi Pippo,

I do have the rom image, and already tried it on BlueMSX.
The only problem is that I don't know how to play.
Do you have the instructions ?

By Randam

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30-04-2016, 12:52

Q = save
numeric keys determine where you go (normal numbers work as well but not intuitive)
. = make stations
+ = construct
- break down
/ = report of wha you have done
if you push del you can remove stuff, if you press ins you can add stuff again.
esc = pause
e or cursor up = scroll up
c or cursor down = scroll down
r = build some building (if there is room)
u = go left
o= go right
l = down right
k= down
j = down left
d or > = select numbered points (don't know what thats good for but you can only do that from 8pm to 4 am)
v =
, = possibly the same as - but couldn't get it to work while trying.

Basically controls are best to be used with numeric pad...

building rails costs 10 tonnes of freight
you cant build at night
if your freight is 0 you can pick some up at the station at the beginning.

try to connect the points 0 -5 but don't crash into them.