By ronodi

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28-10-2014, 19:33

Hello everybody, i am a new user of the forum.
I picked up a used NMS8250 and a ram upgrade of unknown origin is mounted inside.
I would like to verify the amount of RAM, but the testram program by adriano is not to be found on the brazilian site anymore .
Does anybody have this program ,and is willing to sent it to me by e-mail perhaps ? rondijkhuizen@hotmail.com.
Or is possible to repost it somewhere,where i can download it.
After 25 years i regained my interest in MSX2 and future hardware upgrades.
Thank you very much in advance...

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By Fabf

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28-10-2014, 20:48

Done Smile

By wilsonpilon

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29-10-2014, 23:36

Hello.. All AdrianPage programs are on my site, under his authorization.
Including TestRAM: http://www.cybernostra.com/adrian-page/182-utilities?showall...

Take a look.