TriloTracker FM V0.9.90 Early Beta

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By Huey

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03-02-2018, 00:15

OK, Just a few hours before the Nijmegen fair I'd like to show some progress I made:

TriloTracker running in Windows

It's a very early version with still lot's to do.

By ren

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17-02-2018, 17:31

Only seeing this now.. GREAT!
(Your partner in crime JohnHassink did fail to demo this @ Nijmegen though.. Evil )


I suspect this will reduce some barriers for people to go ahead & start TriloTrackin' (and thus seeing more SCC/OPLL/MSX chip stuff on the YouTubes as well?)

And I guess this also opens the doors to (theoretically) combine every sound chip, add another PSG etc. (something that would put too much strain on a real MSX) ?

Ever considered a FamiTracker like order editor ('frames' & patterns per channel) ? (Quite powerful I think.) (I believe DefleMask incorporates this as well?)

I know you wanted a PC tool in the first place, but due to emulation issues went ahead with a native MSX tool instead.
Now back to the PC tool again.

I'm not complaining. I know it does reduce the barrier for me to start messing around ;-)

Thanks, good luck devving & looking forward to a preview release!
(Or perhaps some enthusiasts can apply for an early-preview version? Smile)

By Manuel

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17-02-2018, 18:27

John forgot to install the Java runtime on his laptop which he brought to the fair...

By Wolverine_nl

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17-02-2018, 23:22

We cant wait for this Smile

By ren

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03-09-2018, 19:49

... Any progress here?

By syn

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03-09-2018, 23:22

I really hope to see a TTFM replayer for msx one day Big smile

Not complaining or pressuring or anything btw, I know spare time can be precious. Im still having fun with the TTFM beta

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