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By Grauw

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13-10-2017, 10:23

Yeah, the ch3-mode is not supported (neither is SSG-type EG), and will probably stay that way since it is rarely used... More trouble than it's worth. For perfect playback of those cases (I haven't found any yet) I think using an actual OPN series chip would be better. But if you have any examples of songs that don't play correctly let me know!

By ImATrackMan

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14-10-2017, 10:37

As an experiment I wanted to see if merged VGM files would work. They do but with a couple of drawbacks I guess? The file plays and the actual note timing is correct, but I think the chips start playing at different times (SFG comes in a while after the OPL4 but I may be misremembering). I had to record the two chips separately, but as you can hear the sync is perfect and all I had to do was line up the recordings. This is the merged output of a VGM from Deflemask and a conversion from mod2vgm.

The file also doesn't loop properly, but I don't know if that's a fault of the .mod conversion, the merging, or VGMplay itself. If someone with an expander could test this, I'd really appreciate it:

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