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By Grauw

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08-05-2021, 21:16

denjhang wrote:

Are you currently interested in studying OPN VGM playing on Moonsound? I found that vgm-conv can convert OPN (4OP FM) to OPL3 (2x2OP FM), and it can also convert SSG to FM, which seems to mean that vgmplay plays OPN in Moonsound and even OPM VGM can be processed in a similar way.

What I am most looking forward to is to use Moonsound to play OPNA (FM only) and OPM VGM, because Moonsound (OPL3 part) supports up to 8 2x2OP FM channels, so this seems to be feasible, although some timbres will change after using vgm-conv conversion It's strange.

Hi denjhang,

The OPL3/4 can not reproduce all of the timbres of the OPN, neither with its 4-op algorithms nor with paired 2-op ones. These FM chips series were developed in quite a different direction and aren’t compatible. To illustrate, the OPNA has eight 4-op algorithms, while the OPL3 has only four of which only two are truly 4-op. The OPL series focused more on extending the waveforms, of which the OPL3 has eight while the OPNA has only one.

In VGMPlay MSX I only want built-in conversions that sound faithful to the original, and for OPNA on OPL4 that’s unfortunately not possible. The conversion would not sound as intended (as you have noticed), and also be too complicated to do in Z80 code.

But if vgmconv is able to perform a lossy conversion, even if the timbres change, I think it’s great to have that available Smile.

By denjhang

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09-05-2021, 08:25

By the way, vgmtransmute cannot adjust the volume of the drum sound using PMD PPS. Shocked!
So I suggest vgmtransmute to increase the separate volume adjustment of FM and PCM.
In addition, for the lossy conversion of OPM or OPNA (OPN2) to OPL3, vgmconv does not currently have this function. I found that you are also good at nodejs development. Are you interested in improving this conversion function? LOL!

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