XRacing (MSXDev 2018 entry)

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By CASDuino

Expert (113)

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12-02-2019, 22:01

v1.0.3 CAS version can be found.here.

By santiontanon

Paladin (862)

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13-02-2019, 03:16

Thanks CASDuino!!! Big smile

And what I hope is the last update: v1.0.4: https://github.com/santiontanon/xracing/releases/tag/1.0.4

With a few more difficulty adjustments and fixing some compatibility issues and a few graphic glitches

By Manuel

Ascended (15969)

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13-02-2019, 10:01

I just played it again...some remarks:
- the game is screaming for a 2-player mode! Perhaps you can later extend it a bit?
- what about a 'shadow mode' where you can see how you did last lap?
- I found it still quite difficult. If you make one mistake (hit something), you can almost be sure you'll end up last. It's quite unforgiving. I guess i need more practice...

By CASDuino

Expert (113)

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13-02-2019, 16:33

Definitely easier.
I managed to quite well for 3 laps and then even when I crashed I nearly over took the third place car on the final lap.

The CAS file for v1.0.4 can be downloaded from here.

By Wlcracks

Champion (357)

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13-02-2019, 16:54

Yeah i didn't want to comment on the game-play because it is awesome already, but 2 simultaneous player would be awesome!! Maybe "just" remove an "enemy" for 2 player mode.

By santiontanon

Paladin (862)

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13-02-2019, 18:18

Thanks guys!! 2 player mode is something I definitively considered! it'll be tricky because of a bunch of sprite tricks that I use, but definitively something I would like to have! but at least the "shadow mode" should not be hard at all! if I manage to free up a few bytes, I definitively want to add that! I'm going to make a note of that since I would like to keep working on it after the MSXDev deadline!

By Tamagozawari

Rookie (18)

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13-02-2019, 22:12

Hi @Santi, sorry to write about another bug, but it happened to me again that all the rivals got stuck at some point during a race. It was this time in the Quahog circuit (see screenshot), and it wasn't when turning, but at the end of the lower (narrow) straight. The other cars seemed to overlap one another, blocking among themselves and again letting me win alone.


I was using the latest ROM (1.0.4) and OpenMSX.

By thegeps

Champion (312)

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13-02-2019, 21:23

Great Game Santi! Very playable! I love it, cause it remind me (a lot) of an Amiga game, that is one of my favourite game of all times. I'm talking about ATR (All Terrain Racing), a Team 17 game. And your game is very close to it. In a MSX1!!
Cool! Cool! Cool!

By santiontanon

Paladin (862)

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14-02-2019, 08:55

Thanks @thegeps! Big smile ATR looks very cool, and I didn't know about it! I should give it a try! Big smile I inspired myself mostly on Super Cars also for Amiga Tongue

And no worries @Tamagozawari! thanks for reporting! I think the problem is that more than one car crashed at the same time, and then one respawned on top of the other, causing a "forever collision"! Too late to fix it for the competition now, but I take note of it to fix later! I think it's an easy fix, but might need to free up some bytes to add a fix first! Big smile

By gdx

Prophet (3160)

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14-02-2019, 14:34

santiontanon wrote:

I just recompiled and reuploaded from my work computer, so the correct version should be there now

This version works fine. Pretty nice game. Thanks.
Is it possible to select SCREEN4 mode for MSX2 and newer?

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