Dutch 90s MSX fair mayhem

By Meits

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26-08-2015, 20:53

In the 90s MSX groups developed music thanks to FAC with soundtracker and Moonsoft with Moonblaster. Before that any homebrew software had ripped music from Japanese games.
At MSX fairs lots of MSX groups embraced this revolution and started making huge amounts of musicdisks, demos and diskmagazines. All were supported by own MSX-Music, MSX-Audio (or a combo) and later Moonsound.
As a teenager I always found it really odd that reviews in the professional (written by the more adult editors) MSX magazines always complained about the volume of the various musics that played at the same time and each team trying to be the loudest.
Now, some twenty years later, I understand those guys.
My girlfriend was away from home for a few days, so what better moment to check if all my stashed MSXes were still functional. And what better moment to check what kind of mayhem they can produce together.


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By Grauw

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26-08-2015, 21:22

Haha, sounded very familiar Smile.