How many are we in the world ?

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By wernerkai

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28-05-2015, 03:16

After a useless discussion with one, or maybe two, no-brains trolls in Facebook, I was left thinking:

How many are we in the world ? I mean, the real MSX users ?

I know... I know... every troll is a no-brains, and Facebook is THE PLACE to be for them...

But the question remains.


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By Piter Punk

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28-05-2015, 03:26

MSX Users that uses real MSX? With me we are two Smile

By wernerkai

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28-05-2015, 03:37

Piter, you... as well as many here... really worth a thousand MSX users Wink

By anonymous

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28-05-2015, 03:42

@ wernerkai: What do you mean? What did they say? Can you describe it, quote it or post screenshots?

As to your question, it's interesting. I have no idea. It also depends what you mean with "real MSX users". I suppose you don't mean all those people who get nostalgic feelings when they see Knightmare; the "once weres". Maybe you mean the people who actually own a real MSX and still use it sometimes. But I'll go out on a limb and assume you mean those who are still interested in playing the old games but also new ones, even if it's 'just' emulation, and are following the news about MSX.
If I can gamble on that last category, I'd say about 10.000 people worldwide is a pretty safe and accurate estimation. But I could just as well be very wrong.

By wernerkai

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28-05-2015, 03:47

Sorry, the talk Is just useless/worthless.

I see now I don't fit on Facebook. In little a while, even a fish, a dog, a cow, or maybe a notable rock or geological formation will be a Facebook user. They will attach a solar/wireless sensor to it, and then It will have a profile and post data and pics in a random or regular time basis.

Back to the matter..
Yes, I mean the people who actually own a real MSX and still use it sometimes.

By JohnHassink

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28-05-2015, 04:31

But these trolls, sorry to bring it up again but I'm somewhat interested, was it actually a discussion about MSX and/or its relevancy?

I know that here in The Netherlands, there are still a lot of poor, lonely MSX machines collecting dust and cobwebs in attics of houses and probably schools as well. Among MSX owners in NL, there are possibly more people that half-forgot actually owning one as opposed to actively using it.

By wernerkai

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28-05-2015, 04:53

@JohnHassink, not really about the MSX.

The point, the question is: being accused to be closed-minded just because I don't agree with a different point of view.

Proselytism seems to be a commonplace there. And I am not used to it.

Thanks for caring,

But you think in this figure, even including the former 5.000.000 machines sold in Japan ? Are there any MSX Meetings in Japan yet ?

By TheKid

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28-05-2015, 07:45

I think real MSX users are people who at least still follow the news on this site on regular basis Smile And then there are the die-hards, who still bother to contribute to this system in any kind of way, like releasing software, add pictures and games to generation-msx, attent fairs ect. I don't think there are still users out there who write their letters in tassword and print it on fanfold paper Smile

By AxelStone

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28-05-2015, 08:20

First question: what do you consider Real MSX user?

By Imanok

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28-05-2015, 09:57

Sticking to a literal definition... A real MSX user is a person who uses an MSX machine. That simple Wink

And I am one of those

By yzi

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28-05-2015, 12:04

I wouldn't count Youtube viewers or web page readers as MSX users. Just like I'm not a pilot even though I've watched aviation related videos and been to aviation related web pages.

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