How many are we in the world ?

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By Grauw

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28-05-2015, 13:15

There’s a lot of people posting nice Youtube videos of MSX titles, reviews and playthroughs and such, many not using a real machine, but they still have interest and involvement and are more productive than many MSX users owning a real machine Wink.

By iamweasel2

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28-05-2015, 18:12

I believe Werner meant people with real msx machines and that actually use those machines. That definition would eliminate those who don't remember to have one MSX buried somewhere or can't remember when they turned it on for the last time.

I'm a real MSX user by this definition, since I use my MSX machines here. Smile

I feel that coming to to read news about MSX should be part of the definition of a "real msx user". But it's not up to me to add this as a requirement.

By RetroTechie

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14-06-2015, 01:04

"MSX users" are people who devote time to MSX-related activities. Who does or doesn't touch real hardware is not too relevant at this point in time, imho. Yes there are die-hards that run their MSX machines regularly, and they are like Antarctic Adventurers that boldly go where no-one else goes (and kudoz to anyone doing that!), but does it matter? Not much, imho.

If you have to draw a line, draw it at how directly MSX-related it is, or how much effort it took, or how much it contributes to the MSX community / ecosystem. Not at whether it involves real MSX hardware.

If there's 10 people co-operating and writing a new MSX game, of which only 1 tests the game on real hardware, that's 10 "MSX users" in my book, not 1.

By konamiman

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14-06-2015, 12:51

I used to not consider "real" MSX users those who do MSX related activities/development not using a real MSX... until I became one of them Smile

(I do use my real MSX whenever I can, but nowadays, most of the time I am using a PC when I develop my MSX thingies)

By Sander

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14-06-2015, 13:59

Looking at this site statistics, we have about 19.000 unique visitors per month (each unique user counted only once every month, not counted everyday and added up). 19.00 unique visitors. Not different ip's. 19.000

Of those 19.000, about 70% is a returning visitor with multiple visits. So if we count regular visitors as users, or at least people with a high interest in MSX, my guess would be around 13.300 people Wink

Amazingly most of this site visitors do not engage in any discussion. But I do have people I met during work or free time telling me they visit this site, but only to consume all the content. Personally I do the same with 'normal news sites' and I also have to admit I visit some other retroforums just to read the latest content. I just have a busy life and reading cost me less time than to actually contribute, which I rather do on this site to be honest.

By RetroTechie

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14-06-2015, 17:47

Sander wrote:

Amazingly most of this site visitors do not engage in any discussion.

I often read forums to keep track of recent posts, only to log in when I feel like commenting on something. Depending on browser plugins / privacy settings that may appear as a 'random' visitor that shows up, reads, and leaves. While in fact it's a regular user that just chooses not to log in that time. Beside that it wouldn't surprise me if a significant % of visits is a result of random web searches.

Not sure how does visitor tracking, but I'd say it's obvious there will be limitations in how well you can tell who's who among visitors. Perhaps a simple metric of how many registered users there are, and how many of those accounts are used regularly (say, within the last month or so) would give a better idea how many active MSX users there are. Of course that leaves out people who are active MSX users but not registered (regular) users on this site. And it's probably impossible to make a good estimate of those numbers... might be small, or might be a huuuuge number of 'under-the-radar' users out there. You just can't say for sure.

Personal suspicion is that for each active MSX user that uses real hardware, there will be many more MSX users that (primarily) use emulation. Some active on forums, some not. And then some more people that own MSX machines, follow forums, eBay listings etc from time to time, but hardly ever fire up an emulator. Or real machine, for that matter. Such people might still be interested in new hardware, or willing to buy an MSX if it's somehow more convenient in practical usage than what they've got now. Your typical collector among those.

By wyrdwad

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15-06-2015, 10:40

There seem to be more MSX videos being released on YouTube lately, though (Banjo Guy Ollie has been releasing his "MSX Mansion" review series, and Lazy Game Reviews just released a very positive review of the MSX2 hardware not too long ago), so the system has gotten a bit of added exposure in recent months. Add to that all the MSX-inspired indie games that have been popping up (I wound up becoming interested in MSX gaming and ultimately buying an MSX off of eBay because of how much I enjoyed playing La-Mulana, Unepic, and Hydra Castle Labyrinth, all of which are indie titles directly inspired by Maze of Galious, or "Galiouslikes" as I like to call them), plus that new Korean MSX console that's been talked about, and I think the platform is poised to see something of a renaissance soon.

Retro gaming is a big part of the modern indie scene, and the MSX represents sort of an "underdog" of retro gaming -- a juggernaut in its time that was largely unknown in the Western world (or at least in North America). So if you're a retro gamer looking to try something "new" (but still old), the MSX is an absolutely fantastic choice... especially because (part of the reason I got mine) its technical limitations helped inform the game design philosophy of those companies that supported it back in the day. Can't scroll smoothly very easily? Go for flip-screen games. And if you're going for flip-screen games, why make a linear platformer? Flip-screen is better suited to exploration-heavy adventure titles after all... so let's make that the norm!

It's such a unique specimen, and has such a great library of games and such a thriving community of supporters. Really, it's a wonder more people don't snatch these things up and come here to hang out. Wink


By Meits

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15-06-2015, 18:23

Counting unique IP addresses is an instrument MRC can check, though there are several places on which I regularly check the forum... These are counted as well... I can image more people do this... That would make the number of 19.000 somewhat high... It might need to be divided by a certain number...

By Latok

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15-06-2015, 20:19

With these websearchers and meits his multiple ip locations, i'd say a couple of thousand msx interested people... And a couple of hundred people who actually boot an msx every now and then...

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