Metal Gear-ish 2D Game

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By Fat_Boy_Moss

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22-10-2013, 05:43

Hello, I am Hunter Trammell, also known as "Moss". I am a 15-year-old traditional/pixel artist who enjoys the idea of becoming a game designer. I hope to one day start my own indie game dev team, or at least joining one. I want to work in the gaming industry, of which I think is a great way to express myself in a controlled environment.

Now, as the title may suggest, I plan on making my own 2D game based on the original MSX Metal Gears. [Namely 2.]

I would like to try and see what can be added to the already solid gameplay of these kind of games using today's technologies. I have a few ideas, but they may appear to be surreal or not all that good. I'll let you guys give me comments.

One Idea I had was to have Black Lights, a box [similar to a surveillance camera] would emit a square black light that would harm the player is touched. The way to get past these would be to use cans of ink that when used on the floor leave a splat of pitch-black ink that will allow passage without harm. Or, using the ink cans on electric alarms or other devices to stop them from working. I am willing to accept any cool ideas.

I had some art I drew up on paper, but I thought it was too crinkled. So I may redraw it sometime down the line.
But I have the ideas all in my head [and in a txt file.] Sentry-Lasers, Movement Detectors, and Radar Jammers.
I also think there should be sections in which it would be possible to "borrow" some enemy weapons and vehicles.

The main character [or, our Snake] is a fat, blue-haired thief. He plans on stealing a software disk for... something..
That something isn't written yet, I just know that disk is important. I originally had it be stolen from the UN.
But I think I could make a better story.

All of this pixel art I'm posting is from the end of last year, when I started this idea. But It fell do to family issues.
I will hopefully be getting a new PC soon, and will begin working on the full project. Right now, it's idea and art time.

I am looking for a musician. I was going to ask J-War, but I think I should wait and see if anyone else would love
to help with something like this. I think someone versed in MSX and other types of chiptune would be ideal.

Please note, as I should say; I've been on this for a while. And I'm just now looking for help from people I KNOW could help with a project like this. The engine I;m using is Game Maker 8 Pro. Though I might switch later on.

I can't find my regular Tank picture, but I wanted to have a freeze ray of some kind to help with tougher enemies.

If I find more art, I'll post it. I'm digging through my Hard Drive right now. Any comments? ;)

P.S. I know this seems like a sudden post, but I hope to find more people to help out. I know it will be a fun game to make.

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By Fat_Boy_Moss

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22-10-2013, 06:05

I realize I wrote this in a frantic haste, please forgive me for that. If there is anything anyone would wish to discuss, I'd be honored to reply. If not, well, I'm sorry. Right now, I'm listening to the MG2 OST, and messing around in a few art programs.

I hope I at least get one person to talk with about this. oO

By snout

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22-10-2013, 11:58

Welcome to MRC, Fat_Boy_Moss. Great to see that MSX is an inspiration to you. Your artwork so far looks great and it seems like you are bursting with great ideas, so I'm looking forward to hearing more about your progress.

There are quite a few chiptuners active on this forum, so I really hope one of them will accept the challenge and help you with the music. Keep up the good job - and don't hesitate to keep us informed about your progress!

By Fat_Boy_Moss

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23-10-2013, 01:56

Thanks. Snout. Smile

Right now, I'm debating on a screen resolution . Do you have any ideas? oO

And I need to find a great musician with the perfect ear for Drums, MSX noises, and "Boss Battles". Tongue

By Metalion

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23-10-2013, 09:31

Go for SCREEN5, it's the best solution for an MSX2 game.
It's 256x192 or 256x212, with 16 colors chosen between a palette of 512, along with 32 sprites of 16x16.

Though you'll find quickly that your pixel art exemples will be not be comfortable with that resolution.
You'll probably need to downsize them.

By Fat_Boy_Moss

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24-10-2013, 02:37

Um, I regret to inform you, but this is a MSX-Metal Gear-Inspired game being developed for PC, and other machines.

In terms of Screen Resolution, I think the demo will be 700 x 400. Though I'm still looking for help on this project before I begin more on it. [Music is a thing I'd love to get onto.]

I am working on a few smaller games while I wait to get my new computer. Wink

By anonymous

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24-10-2013, 08:17

Ah ... That's a different story. It was not clear at all in your first post.

Not sure you will find useful help on this forum to develop a PC game, as it is 100% about MSX.

By Fat_Boy_Moss

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24-10-2013, 22:58

Well, I'm looking for an MSX chip-tune musician. I was thinking about asking J-War or, Meits. Big smile

By Hrothgar

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25-10-2013, 08:53

Developing a PC game fully within the MSX graphical standards (256×192 pixels (stretched), 16 colors, perhaps only skipping the sprites-per-line limit) may produce a fine game with a unique atmosphere just as well - see La Mulana for example. But any MSX-inspired initiative will be cheered of course.

By Fat_Boy_Moss

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25-10-2013, 23:54

I'm glad to see a few people are okay with the idea. Smile2

It will be a mix of a few games. The MSX Metal Gears are a major influence. But it may be a while before anything happens.

By JohnHassink

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26-10-2013, 03:26

To be honest, I never heard a chiptune by J-War in my life, and am not sure if the man ever made one. He makes re-arrangements of chiptunes. Meits, yes, he makes chiptunes. Best of luck in your endeavours.

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