My Atari 800 (pictures)

By gameplayerspecial

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22-11-2012, 00:23

Hello !

I made a slideshow after cleaning and restoring my Atari 800 :

Thanks for watching !

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By st1mpy

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24-11-2012, 18:34

A very nice 800! I also started to collect Atari stuff recently. I am looking for a 400, 800xl and a disk drive. So far, I've managed to get hold of a 130xe, Atari Max usb (MSX should have a usb cart like this) and cf -de ii carts. I think the Atari 8 bit range is quite interesting despite huge amout of rubbish game ports from the 2600 range. And the Pokey sound chip is a change from the PSG in MSXs. Although the graphics are a little low resolution, sprite and scroll capabilities makes it interesting to do a nice port from NES.