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By wyndcrosser

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28-12-2014, 22:22

Hi st1mpy, I think I got a case of the "Dumbs". I would only need 110. Interesting... I would assume that a japanese MSX would play just fine in the US.

My japanese is quite weak, I usually do a lot of the menu options and brief descriptions etc. myself and work with friends or other translators to do major dialogue.

By sd_snatcher

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28-12-2014, 23:32

You're right: The japanese MSX models should play just fine US. They're 100V +/-10% and NTSC.

OTOH, European models are 220V and PAL.

The RGB->Component Video converter (or an upscaler) was just recommended because this way you will get a much high quality image than with composite-video, just like it happens with a Sega Genesis for example. But if you don't bother with the image quality you can just go with composite video instead.

The MegaFlashROM SD (+512KB for MSX2+) is meant to make your life easier. With this single cartridge you'll be able to run almost every possible existing MSX software, be it for ROM, disk or harddisk. Only games for optical media (LaserDisc, VHD, CD) will be out, but there aren't that many of those out there.

By st1mpy

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29-12-2014, 07:35

If you are in the US you might as well import directly from Japan.
from yahoo auctions.
You'll need to use some middlemen though, because these sellers don't ship abroad.
People selling in this forum already paid for shipping within Japan, then to Europe, before sending it to you.
If you are going for Sony/Panasonic MSX2 without floppy drive, I would aim for $20 to $60.
MSX2/2+ with floppy (most will have a broken belt anyway) $60 to $120.

By wyndcrosser

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31-12-2014, 00:25

Thanks St1mpy, $120 sounds pretty good. I know everyone wants to make money on their investment, but 250+ USD is pretty high not including shipping.

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