Wings remastered on kickstarter

By TheKid

Paragon (1209)

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12-11-2013, 08:39

Okay, so I know wings isn't a msx game and even worse, it was for amiga (what would FAC say Smile ).
But since most of us are not only MSX lovers, we are retro lovers and own more systems then MSX alone.
So, as you might know kickstarter is an excellent concept for funding all kind of projects. One of those project is the remastering of Wings by cinemaware. In the free time I wasn't msx-ing, I played this game. It really was a master piece, even nowa days. In 2012 cinemaware was very ambitioous and started the kickstarter project. They didn't make the goal, but never the less, didn't loose hope. Now, they are back. This time the goal isn't as high as the first time. So, for the retro gamers among us and maybe the happy few knowing this game, please back it on

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