3D printed nms8250 Frontpanels

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By zett

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29-11-2018, 07:54

realy cool made. was thinking of drawing one to but you did a nice job!. its not the most frendly design to print. if you let the front go flat it would be hell lot faster printing.

By relo999

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29-11-2018, 14:09

I've actually tested that, the print time wouldn't be significantly dented. Going from a 12 hour print to a 11 hour print and would save about 10 grams of material, so I think having the original shape is more important than a 8% speed increase in printing. That said a flat surface does make the backside look cleaner as there would be no support material to clean.

By Alexey

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29-11-2018, 22:03

And assuming that you can buy a kilo of PLA for just 11 euro these days, the panels should be quite affordable. I think power costs more than plastic. Smile

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