Another box, another pile: MSX Mozaïk magazines for sale

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By Latok

msx guru (3828)

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06-02-2021, 19:57

Thank you, Wammes. I'll contact you somewhere this weekend Smile

By Manuel

Ascended (17942)

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27-07-2021, 23:27

Wammes wrote:
Briqunullus wrote:

Last year I have scanned the issues I have and added them to the Wiki pages. I offer my help to scan the remaining ones as well, the buyer can contact me to arrange this. No precious magazines will be hurt in the process.

Please contact me directly, I might have a cunning plan that benefits all...

Check the WIki page about MSX Mozaik! Thanks a million to Briqunullus for scanning all these remaining issues!

By Bas040

Master (198)

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28-07-2021, 11:45

Great to be able to finally read number 36!

By Briqunullus

Champion (356)

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28-07-2021, 13:51

Thanks to Manuel for letting me borrowing them.
Anybody have disks for number 31 or 36? If the latter exists at all?
I'm also interested in listings from all Mozaik magazines.

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