Buy Mapper / Megaram 512kb

By Kacper

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05-05-2019, 22:18

I sell, I can not use my HX-10 Sad
I bought it in the beginning of the year from Zaxon
I paid 40 EUR + shipping myself
the price to sell 40 EUR and shipping
Polish postal fee of 10 EUR with shipment to Europe
together 50 euros
Maybe I can change ...
on MSX I, it's important that it works
proposals to target priv
best regards Kacper

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By djh1697

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08-05-2019, 00:58

have you tried formatting on fat12 instead of fat16? if the device boots up with Nextor disk basic 2, press the '1' key on boot up, might solve your issue. However, you will have a large number of 32Mb partitions.

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