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By CASDuino

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20-04-2018, 20:18

CASDuino for MSX can be bought from my Etsy shop.
It works as a replacement for cassette players and loads .CAS files via mini SD card to you MSX through the cassette port. Ideal for MSX machines.

You can also buy TZXDuino which plays TZX/CDT/TSX/O/P files for ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, MSX, ZX80, and ZX81.

If you have a different retro computer tha uses the standard 3.5mm audio jack you can but the ArduiTape which is a .WAV file player that has a motor control port.

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By hamlet

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20-04-2018, 21:14

It is a very nice product!
Perfect for everybody who don't want to spend too much money and easy to use.

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