Cheating again?

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By Tim3000

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13-10-2009, 14:57

soukasen3 is the vicious person (group) who is famous in Japan.

Please be careful.

By Lazzeri

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22-06-2010, 12:48

(new in this forum, hello guys! :-) )

Yeah, i was scammed by this guy. Started buying about 6 months ago and got some pretty fabulous items in great, great shape. Then, from day to night, his auctions started to get seriously overpriced with lots of bidding. I've played along for some time then got suspicious.

Checked and yes, there are at least two "ghosts" with low feedback and that only bid on his items, and that always top you by one or two dollars so you have the chance to bid again. But i guess more people got suspicious, hi last auctions were all "won" by thosr ghosts. Nice. :-)

He overcharged me almost US$ 50 for a 1942, stupid me.

His biggest recent flop was a Magical Tree complete & in gret shape that he pushed to over US$ 310 and had the last bid.

The sad part is, he has some very very nice items. :-/

By Latok

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22-06-2010, 14:55

Hehehe, yeah, I also bought items from him for way too much money. But then again, he REALLY has some very very nice items. And he knows real collectors just want the item and often go beyond reason ^__^

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