complete turbo R ST for sale

By daniel683104

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17-04-2016, 21:23

I do have a Panasonic FS A1 TR ST complete for sale.

Modifications are:

512K RAM internally expanded
PC Type FDD no more probles related with the rubber
220 volt rewired transformer no need any step down

Comes with box, styro foams, System Discs, Manuals and garantee papers, also original RCA cable.
Box has some damage but still good looking I will put some pictures soon

Price is 680 + shipment

contact me on this mail:

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By karloch

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17-04-2016, 23:05

I have seen this machine with my own eyes and it's in perfect superb condition. If it wasn't for the box damage, you would think you just bought a brand new MSX turboR from your local store. Well worth the money.

By daniel683104

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19-04-2016, 15:47

here are the pictures of the TR ST

Here is the repaired part of the box

By Panzer-

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03-08-2016, 12:54

Any new?...