EmuFDC available from 8bits4ever

By Alexey

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10-12-2019, 17:06

The 8bits4ever started to sell their nice EmuFDC cartridges. Those include the functionality of the Gotek floppy emulator and the FDC controller. The cartridge has an external FDC connector and an OLED screen. Store's page:


I've also made some caps and buttons for this cartridge:


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By hamlet

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10-12-2019, 19:37

Very nice! Are you going to bring some of the caps tom Nijmegen? I will be your first customer, Alexey!

By Alexey

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10-12-2019, 21:25

I can print a few if there is a demand. Or maybe 8bits4ever starts to include those with every purchased cartridge. They are currently checking how those buttons and caps fit the cartridge.