For sale: Panasonic A1WX MSX2+, MegaFlashRom SCC+ SD

By joeks

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18-03-2017, 13:13


I have for sale,

Panasonic A1WX MSX2+
MegaFlashRom SCC+ SD

Panasonic A1WX MSX2+ is good shape. Working perfectly, replaced the disk drive belt a year ago.
Comes with RGB-scart cable, 110-230V converter with EU-plug and Panasonic Joypad.
But missing the plastic bios switch on the front and the plastic battery cover on the underside.

Never used the MegaFlashRom SCC+ SD, new in box. Just tried it, it's working.
Comes with MicroSD-card and MicroSD-adapter.

What would be the right price for these items? Can be sold separately and no problem to ship (from The Netherlands).



Untitled by barrybuise, on Flickr

Untitled by barrybuise, on Flickr

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By Alexey

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18-03-2017, 17:34

How much for the MegaFlashRom?

By LS120

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19-03-2017, 06:36

price as a set??

By Meits

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19-03-2017, 12:18

joeks wrote:

What would be the right price for these items? Can be sold separately and no problem to ship

Below is what I personally would think is a right price per item.

  • Panasonic FS-A1WX: The missing button is not neseccary for use, but it's a damn pity it's missing. The missing battery lid is quite a pity as well as the batteries are under tension and the lid keeps them in place. If it has the original 64KB RAM it has more con than pro. I bought two complete and extended units for € 200,-. I know that's an rediculous bargain, but it will influence the price tag I'd put on this one: € 150,- max.
  • The stepdown converter: The computer needs 100 volts in stead of the 110 volts this one is providing. I've had two of those melting down while using them on the WXes. I wouldn't recommend using those for MSX use, but for American devices: € 10,-
  • The RGB cable: € 10,-
  • The joypad: € 30,-
  • The Megaflashrom SCC+ SD: A brand new one is € 99,-. Used or not, this one is not as new as the one the original seller sells: € 90,-
  • The 32GB SDHC card: New ones go for some € 15,-. Therefore there's not really a second had market for it, but included in the package I'd say € 7,50

That'd be € 297,50 tops if I needed it and wanted to buy it from you.

By joeks

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19-03-2017, 13:39

Thanks for your replies guys, and thanks for you thorough post Meits! Very helpfull.

At the moment this set is 99% sold on Instagram for 280 euro all-in.
If the sale doesn't go through I'll contact you guys over here!


By joeks

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20-03-2017, 20:06

This set is sold (on Instagram), thanks for your interest and help guys!

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